Flip Clip & Hooks Pack


Replacement part for Flip Litter Box.

Includes: 1 clip and 4 hooks to secure Flip Liner (Type-F)

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Diana F.
Great stuff but...

I love all the Mod Kat litter systems. These liners are durable and practical. I've made the suggestion on Instagram that they should have velcro fastners at the top so the liners don't shift. One of cats who loves to spray her pee really high also likes to dig for gold...this makes the liner shift and the litter ends up at the bottom of the litter box and I've noticed pee there too. Not as much as a nuisance as when I didn't have this box and liner, but I put the velcro on myself and it has been a complete game-changer!

Gayle S.
Box is a hit! Liners a miss

Two of our 3 elderly female cats have kidney problems that result in voluminous urinations, that were splashing over the sides of our old litter box and damaging surrounding walls and baseboards. We introduced the Modkat box to remedy that problem and set it up, as instructed, with the interior liner. Cats wouldn't enter the box and began peeing outside on the floor. We removed the liner and that issue disappeared. Cats happily entered the box and have been using it successfully ever since. I scoop out the box 5 or 6 times a day, add litter as needed, and change it when necessary. Love the box -- don't need the liners. Something about them didn't feel right to the cats. I'm returning the 3-pack for a refund to my credit card.

Marcel H.
Flip liners

Hey are they so Long Sold out? Not a Good Service…

Deborah D.
Haven’t received them yet.

Have not received them yet. I LOVE the Modkat kitty litter box and the liners, it’s just that I have not yet received the 3-pack Type F liners yet.

Karen K.

Best liner/box choice ever!