Katch Litter Mat

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High quality litter trapping mat

Made of the same cushy material used in the soles of your favorite sneakers, the Katch Litter Mat offers a slip resistant landing pad for your cat, while wrangling those stray pebbles that have clung to their paws. Its elevated handles are strategically located, persuading the loose bits toward the center, making it easy to pour them back where they belong. 

Dimension: 16.25 x 16.25 x .7" (41 x 41 x 1.8cm)

Customer Reviews

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Catherine M.
Katch Litter Mat

The Mat is too small. The ModKat box sits on top of it, but not even the lip of the mat shows so it does not catch any litter the long haired cat jumps out with!

Good quality

The amount of litter falling on the floor has been greatly reduced, as my cats do a lot of digging. I use it without the bag, as they don't like bags and entertain themselves by chewing and scratching on it. Love it! ❤️

Pleasantly surprised

I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. It’s just another mat, right?! Well, I love it. The product is made with a soft material that is easy to just pick up and slide the litter back in the box. It has designated “grab” spots to pick it up. I have a litter box in my bathtub and wanted something that wouldn’t scratch or mar the finish. This is it! A little wider, by an inch or two, is all I would recommend.

Susan S.
No more messes!

We got this litter mat because 2 kitties continually stand in the box pee-ing outside.. All other mats have not contained the urine, this one DOES! SUCCESS! No more wet floors! Great lipped design contains any "bad boi" behaviour! (Can you tell I'm pleased with this?)

Jill P.
Works Great

I use a recycled paper litter and this mat catches all of it! Happy with my purchase.