Modkat XL Litter Box

    • Top-entry or front-entry configurations
    • 3 position removable lid
    • Full height base is perfect for side pee-ers!
    • Reusable liner lasts up to 3 months
    • Reduces litter tracking
    • Hanging, ergonomic scoop
    • The largest top-entry litter box on the market
    • Length x Width x Height
      21.0 x 16.3 x 17.0in.
      (53.3 x 41.3 x 43.2cm)
    • Liner height
      14.5in. (36.8cm)
    • Top-entry width
      10.25in. (26.0cm)
    • Front-entry width
      8.25in. (21.0cm)
    • Front-entry height from floor
      6.25in. (15.9cm)
    • Weight
      9.0lbs (4.0kg)
      Lid can support up to 30lbs (13kg)
      Walk-off platform can support up to 20lbs (10kg)
    • Seamless base with removable lid frame
    • Modkat Scoop
    • Swiveling 3-position lid
    • Front-entry kit
      • Reusable Liner (D)
      • Walk-off platform
    • Top-entry kit
      •  Reusable Liner (C)
      • Front entrance cover

Modkat XL

One box. Two ways.

Easy access, swivel lid.

Customer Reviews

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modkat XL Litter Box

The idea of this box is better than actual box. I have a very large ragdoll cat so the size is great and I'm glad even though she enters from the front, there is still an opening at top which she really needs. The problem is the shelf that is supposed to snap on and act as a step and also should hold the liner in place: This piece is almost impossible to install and once I got it on it was completely wobbly and couldn't support her weight. So, I had to remove it and now all the litter is getting kicked outside of the box and also goes down between the liner and the box. Serious design flaw.


Modkat XL Litter Box

The alpha poop box

Meowingtons and Kirby like to Superman out of their cat box after doing their business. Their old litter boxes used to explode litter everywhere and make my life miserable. We purchased the modcat XL and now -- thanks to it's superior engineering and dark magic -- the litter stays in the box. My quality of life has inched forward and I remind myself that Taylor Swift probably still uses a modcat too, which makes me feel like a celeb.

Happy Scooping Everyone

Cool Box!

It looks cool and is very functional. We love it! We have two other Modkat boxes too

My cat loves it

My fussy cat has never pooped better, thanks. Modkat cube also prevents our dog from getting to our cat’s poops, to eat them. So that’s a design win I bet you never considered.

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