Modkat Litter Box

    • Top-Entry reduces litter tracking
    • Swivel lid makes it easy to clean
    • Seamless base prevents leaks
    • Perfect for side pee-ers!
    • Dog proof
    • Reusable liner lasts up to 3 months
    • Great for cats up to 12lbs (5.4kg)
    • Length x Width x Height
      16.0 x 16.0 x 15.0in.   Need a bigger box?
      (40.6 x 40.6 x 38.0cm)
    • Liner height
      10in. (25.4cm)
    • Top-entry width
      9.5in. (
    • Weight
      6.5lbs (3.0kg)
      Lid can support up to 30lbs (13kg)
    • Seamless base
    • Swiveling lid
    • Modkat Scoop
    • A
       Reusable Liner


“... the iPod of litter boxes.”

- Ellen Lupton, curator of contemporary design, Cooper-Hewitt. View Article

Customer Reviews

Based on 1233 reviews
Great product!

I picked this litter box because it is one of the few (only!?!) good looking boxes on the market. But I have been surprised at how thoughtfully designed it is... our new kitten took to it immediately and the jump-in design really does limit kitty litter spray.

So good we have 2

When I got a new kitten I just had to get another modkat box. He's a real scratcher and before it arrived we had litter all over the place. Unfortunately he keeps trying to get into big brother's box too. Big brother is not impressed and has started to do his business in the garden.... I hope everything will be normal one day soon between Tyger and Messi.

Love the box; hate the liner

The design of the top-entry lid that flips open is great — litter falls through the holes and it flips out of the way without having to lay it down somewhere; the scoop is large and well-designed to reach edges and corners; and the bos is a great size for the cats but not too big for me to transport for cleaning. The lid need one more support piece on the top, near the opening, opposite the latch since this seems to bow down a bit from my cats” weight when they jump on top. The liner was a fail — they didn’t claw it down or scratch it, but urine got trapped beneath the liner know matter how much of the recommended litter I used and the odor was awful. Easily fixed by removing the liner and pouring litter directly into the box. Since it’s small enough for me to maneuver under a faucet, this is a good solution for me. Bought two and keeping them!

Good litterbox !

What I love most about this litterbox is its compact size - great for my tiny little flat! I'm not sure how the liner will work out, that remains to be seen.
The issue I have is with the scoop - sometimes I am unable to lift it through the hold without spilling the contents - I must open the lid fully to clean out the box. The really really BIG issue is the price, really too expensive...
Otherwise I really like it !

Great box design but scoop could be better!

I really like this litter box since it cut down on tracking significantly, looks nice, it's a good medium/large size, and can easily be placed just about anywhere. This is my second one. (The first is still working great after about 5 years!) The only issues I have are with the scoop. I don't like seeing it hanging on the outside so I always leave it in a nearby small trash bin. But it would be nice if there was some sort of caddy design to hide it. Also the shape of the scoop often traps litter in the handle area. No idea why it's shaped that way! But it's a great box and has held up well over the years.

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