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Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

    • Constructed of rip-resistant tarpaulin
    • Easy to clean
    • Tension band to prevent liners from pulling down
    • Tailored perfectly to remain out of sight
    • Last up to 3 months!
    • 10 in. (25.5 cm) tall to keep mess inside
  • A clean litter box makes for a healthy and happy cat. We recommend replacing Modkat Reusable Liners when there are signs of fraying, or after 3 months time to keep bacteria and odor in check. The integrity of the liners depends on how many cats use the litter box, how much litter is used, and how ferociously they scratch. Daily scooping and sustaining the litter level at 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) will maximize their life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 812 reviews
Best litter liners

LOVE the modkat litter box. The re-usable liners are the best and very easily cleaned and dried. Cats love the privacy of this box. Recommend it highly!!!

Almost perfect

After 3 months of the original liners being in place on my 3 flip top boxes, one had a little urine underneath it in two spots at the bottom seem. Also in the front at the entry where the clip attaches, there was a little urine under the liner at the clip. This was probably due to my male cat. Didn’t try the top entry box because I was afraid to spend so much money if the cats wouldn’t like it so went with the flip top. Still satisfied with my purchase and overall happy with the liners.

Great litterbox

Amazing design, our kitten has no problem using the top entry. We're very happy with it!


Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

Solid. But a questionable fit. And leaky.

Modkat top-entry litter boxes keep litter spray to a minimum, and even though my cats prefer a more traditional box when given the option, they do use the Modkat. Type A Modkat Liners are helpful when it comes time to replace an entire box worth of litter: lift out of the box with the built in handles and directly into the trash. However, the replacements never fit the box as well as the original liner that came with the box (possibly because of how the replacements are folded, rubber-banded, and packed for shipping), and they tend to leak urine through the seams. Overall a solid product, and more or less required for the top-entry Modkat boxes, but definite room for improvement.

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