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Cat Litter Additive (3-pack)

Early July

To reduce odor and extend the life of your litter, add a package of Modkat Cat Litter Additive to 10lbs of cat litter and sufficiently combine. Add more as needed for multiple cats.
    • Activated charcoal
    • Neutralizes cat litter odor
    • Inhibits bacterial growth
    • Extends the life of your cat litter
    • Fragrance free
  • In-the-box

    3x 80g packs


    Add 1 package of Modkat Cat Litter Additive to 10 lbs or less of cat litter & mix well. Add an additional pack for use with multiple cats.


    Activated carbon treated with purified water, natural zeolite, green tea extract, persimmon extract, DL-malic acid.


    Keep out of direct sunlight, and store in a cool, dry place.


    Keep out of reach of children and pets. This product is NOT for ingesting. Seek immediate medical treatment if ingested in large amounts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Janet C.
Cat Litter Additive is Great!

I used a few packages of this additive while I was awaiting an appointment for my intact males. It neutralized even that strong of an odor! Very pleased.

Christy L.
Can't really tell a difference

I'm not sold on this, I can't really tell it's doing anything or extending the life of the cat litter. Could be because of the litter I am currently using, crystal, verses a clay clumping litter. I will update this if I see it works better with the clumping clay litter I am about to try.

Mari H.
Working very well

Happy with this purchase. I added a package a week ago and it has reduced the small in the litter box.

Elinor L.
Litter box additive helps a lot

Seems to really work.

Sam S.
Who knew?

I've never even thought of this being a product, but so glad I discovered and decided to try it! I share my apartment with two fat boys who share a litter box. While I scoop multiple times a day I could never fully control the odor. Using the additive has made a huge difference.