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Katch Litter Mat


*Back in stock in mid-May.


High-quality litter trapping mat.

Made of the same cushy material used in the soles of your favorite sneakers, the Katch Litter Mat offers a slip-resistant landing pad for your cat, while wrangling those stray pebbles that have clung to their paws. Its handles are strategically located, persuading the loose bits toward the center for easy emptying

Dimension: 16.25 x 16.25 x .7" (41 x 41 x 1.8cm)
Material: High-quality silicon

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Alan M.
Don’t waste your money

Bought a gorilla mat on Amazon that works this does not

David D.

too small , not sturdy , fell apart , not very impressed with this product. already was damaged after just setting the mat up by the litter box. it made it sound great , but in all honesty it was not what I expected.

Julie H.
Litter mat

I purchased a litter mat to place in front of my new Modkat litter box and it works like a charm and really cuts down on litter scatter. I truly love the cat box and linter it has made it so much easier to clean.

Cathryn L.

Katch Litter Mat

Kathy B.
Pretty, but doesn't work very well.

First, litter box is a 5! I got the mats (I have 2 boxes) because they match the litter boxes. I have 2 issues with the mats. The number one problem is that the dimples are too shallow and just do not remove the litter from the cats' paws very effectively. The second is - what the heck is the purpose of the serrated opening? It doesn't do anything except let litter spill out onto the floor. The unserrated opening spills even more. Neither openings are at all necessary, since the mat is shallow and easily folded for dumping out the litter. The cheap brand-x rubber mats with nubs that stick up are much more effective, but alas they come in ugly colors!