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  • Modkat Litter Tray

      • High sided litter box
      • Reduces litter scatter
      • Hanging scoop
      • Reusable liner lasts up to 3 months
      • Extra deep base keeps mess inside
      • Splash guard for high pee-ers
      •  20.3 L x 14 W x 9 H inches
        (15.75 H w/Splash Guard)
      • Length x Width x Height
        20.3 x 14.0 x 9.0in.
        (51.0 x 36.0 x 23.0cm)
      • Liner height
        9.0in. (22.9cm)
      • Entry
        8.25in. (21.0cm) wide
      • 6.5in. (16.5cm) from floor
      • w/Splash Guard
        15.75in. (40cm)
      • Weight
        5.0lbs (2.3kg)
        Walk-off platform can support up to 20lbs (10kg)
      • Seamless base
      • Walk-off platform
      • Splash guard
      • Splash guard clips
      • Reusable liner (G)
      • Scoop

    Tray chic.


    1. Click the five clips into the rectangular slits in the base.
    2. Position Modkat Liner (Type-G) in the base with the open side facing front.
    3. Open the splash guard and bend each corner back slightly to straighten.
    4. Insert the splash guard into the five reinserted clips one by one.
    5. Slide the walk-off platform over the liner and front edge of the Tray.

    See video

    Modkat Tray Liners - Type G

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 775 reviews
    Sundar-Jovian R.
    perfect litter box

    my cat likes an open top box. this litter box is strategically designed to be open top, but also very difficult to kick litter out of. this is a win-win for me and my cat. also looks great like everything else modkat makes.

    i use and reuse liners and wash them thoroughly in between uses, but they do eventually seem to get worn out (cat protests!) after several months, and you need to buy more then.

    i have concerns about the long-term sustainability of this option as such. if i had a house with a garage, i'd definitely try to create a 100% zero waste solution, but alas, the downside of a lack of space in apartment living means being at the mercy of disposability and convenience culture (which is killing us all).

    that all aside, this is an awesome bin, my cat used it immediately and really likes it, too.

    thanks modkat.

    Patricia D.
    Modkat Litter Tray

    I bought this for my second cat after purchasing the Modkat Flip Litter Box a few years ago for my other cat. She loves it as do I-easy to clean and the liners last a long time. I plan to only purchase Modkat products from now on. Always fast shipping with no problems.

    Valerie S.
    Perfect litter box

    Our 15 lb 9 month old kitten is growing fast! The high walls on this box is perfect! No more mess

    Dianna L.
    Perfect Height

    My cat decided to randomly stand up occasionally when peeing and this was the only litter box I could find at a decent price with high walls. It perfectly contains it all and I appreciate all the things it came with!

    My Third ModKat Litter Box...

    This is our third ModKat litter box (we have three different kinds, not all the same ones). We are always very happy with our purchases. I love that they all have liners you can change out. Happy customer here and more importantly, happy cats!