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  • Pet parents are raving about this modern cat litter box design.

    s are raving about this modern cat litter box design.

    For years dog parents had modern toys, furniture and accessories available for them to spoil their furry best friends. However, the cat market lagged behind and cat parents were offered few options for pampering their precious felines. This was particularly the case when it came to the dreaded cat litter box...

    But what about the humble litter box?

    It used to be that cat parents who were particular about how they furnish their homes, and preferred not to have litter strewed about their floors were horrified by the cat litter box options on the market. They would be ashamed to have guests over in fear of them seeing such a grotesque object in their living space. Not to mention the possibility of them stepping on the scattered litter around it.

    Did it need to be this way? What if cat litter boxes looked more like furniture and kept litter inside, where it belonged?

    Why does my cat need a better litter box?

    Why does my cat need a better litter box?Modkat co-founder Rich faced exactly this dilemma in his modern Brooklyn apartment and voiced his dismay with Brett, his design business partner.

    After two years of research and development they found that having a better looking, better functioning, and easier to clean litter box had many advantages. Not only did it relieve the embarrassment issues, cat parents became more comfortable positioning the litter box in more accessible locations. This encouraged more frequent cleaning making for happier, healthier cats.

    Modkat has become the go-to design-focused litter box brand for city-dwelling cat owners and even some Hollywood superstars.

    This led to an explosion of modern cat litter boxes on the market. Everything from more aesthetic automatic litter boxes, sifting litter boxes, and models designed to imitate other pieces of furniture in your home started popping up in both budget and luxury options.

    But many of these products still made one of two mistakes:

    • The litter boxes ignored the needs of the cat.
    • Function was an afterthought, and better looking design didn’t solve the whole problem.

    Solving the problem.

    There’s no single litter box that will best suit every situation. So, Modkat developed a line of unique litter box solutions to best complement most feline households: A litter tray, a top-entry litter box, a front-entry litter box, and an extra large convertible front or top-entry litter box.

    Modkat Litter Tray

    Modkat Litter Tray

    Great for cats who aren’t accustomed to a covered litter box but still require high walls to keep mess in place. The original Modkat top-entry is best suited for the average sized single cat who loves dragging litter around the house. Modkat’s Flip Litter Box is a great choice for the more traditional front-entry preference with the added benefit of convertible lid positions. Modkat XL is the largest litter box for bigger cats and multi-cat households.

    Modkat Litter Box

    Modkat Litter Box

    Ideal for smaller cats up to 12 lbs, and for owners who also have canines in the house. The lid swivels open for easy scooping, and locks shut to keep dogs from retrieving the “treats” inside. Modkat doesn't look anything like a traditional litter box, the glossy rounded cube can actually compliment your modern living room decor. Houseguests will have no idea what to think about it until your cat surprisingly climbs out.

    Flip Litter Box

    Flip Litter Box

    A more standard front-entry solution, but it’s anything but standard! Flip has an articulating lid that can be used in three positions. Fully closed provides the most privacy for those timid creatures. Open the front half, for a more open feel, and for daily scooping. Position the lid in its fully open position to best view the world, and for a thorough cleaning.

    Flip is also available in a limited Ocean Edition, made from Oceanworks® guaranteed recycled ocean plastic.

    Modkat XL Litter Box

    Modkat XL

    For households with larger or multiple cats, theModkat XL is the largest top-entry litter box on the market, so even large cat breeds like Maine Coons can comfortably do their business. For stubborn older cats or animals that are less mobile, simply switch the Modkat XL to its front-entry configuration. Everything needed to make the conversion is included.

    What’s in the box?

    All Modkat litter boxes have a parts pack with everything you need to get started, just add the litter of your choice. The included scoops are ergonomic and shaped to reach every nook and cranny. You’ll find the signature reusable liner that is super durable and uniquely tailored to fit just right. And, the parts pack serves a dual life, with the included ping pong ball it converts into a toy for hours of sustainable fun for your cat.

    Additionally, Modkat offers a line of modern cat accessories to accompany your new litter box. Your fur baby will love the sculptural Modkat Scratcher/Lounges to chill on. Modkat’s collection of litter mats will help keep your floors clean and tidy. And, Modkat’s odor control products will keep the litter box bacteria free and smelling fresh.

    Designing a stylish litter box.

    The last two years have forced us to spend more time at home than ever. This has encouraged people to rethink their surroundings and to fill their spaces with more thoughtful, more beautiful objects like Modkat’s unique line of litter box solutions.

    Modkat made its debut at the 2009 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) where it earned The Editor's Choice Award for Best Accessory and then was honored with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for their original top-entry litter box design. And with that, Modkat’s journey to create an entirely new category of design driven cat products began.

    It’s been over a decade since Modkat disrupted the market with their beautifully designed modern cat litter box, but their commitment to reinventing cat litter boxes and accessories is still going strong. Along with many ongoing projects, the Modkat team has partnered with Brett’s alma mater, the Rochester Institute of Technology and their annual Metaproject. Students in the industrial design program will spend the semester working with and designing products for Modkat.

    A cat litter box brand you will love.

    Taking care of the litter box is a big part of everyday life with our furry family members. Modkat is on a mission to make the litter box experience more enjoyable for cats and their human parents alike.

    Are you convinced that your cat deserves better, visit modkat.com to learn more about our collection of modern litter box solutions and accessories.