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  • 6 tips on transitioning to a new litter.

    6 tips on transitioning to a new litter. - Modkat

    Need to change your cat litter? If so, transitioning your cat to the new brand will require patience, understanding, and a little ingenuity on your part. Let’s face it: Cats are creatures of habit and might not be all that excited about the change.

    Switching brands or types of litter, however, might be in order if your cat has suddenly developed an allergy to his litter, is eating it, or the current one you’re using just isn’t available any longer. You might also consider switching to a new brand for budgetary reasons or because your cat is going outside the litter box and you've already had her examined by the vet.

    Whatever your reason for switching the cat litter, just know there are ways to make a smooth transition without upsetting your kitty too terribly in the process.

    Consider these six ideas:

    • Make a gradual changeover by mixing in a little of the new with the old. That way, your cat might not even detect there’s something up and become accustomed to the new litter during the process. Fill the box with the new litter, topped off with the old, which will feel familiar to your cat when she steps in. When she starts digging around, she’ll discover the new litter beneath, which she might find intriguing. This method may take up to a week to complete, but it will be less stressful on your cat as you transition.
    • If your cat is showing signs that the current litter isn’t amenable, switching to a new brand he does prefer could be a little tricky. Keep the box filled with the current litter, but then add another litter box with a different type of litter. That way your cat can let you know which one he truly prefers.
    • When choosing a litter, consider your cat’s sensitive nose and paws, and the environment. We recommend a clumping, non-clay unscented litter. It’s more environmentally friendly and cats seem to adjust well to its texture.
    • If your cat is eating its litter, which can pose serious health implications, changing it requires immediate attention. Try switching to a brand that might not be as palatable or as harmful. Just changing it out might be enough to curb this behavior.
    • Tired of cleaning up tracked litter? The original Modkat, the Modkat XL, and the litter mats should solve that problem. You might consider switching to a heavier litter or one with larger granules. Some cats tend to be a little messier than others, and they like to dig deep and toss litter around the box.
    • No matter what litter you end up choosing, make sure you keep it clean for your kitty. An unscooped litter box will definitely not fly with your cat, and he might just let you know by doing his business on the floor outside the box. We recommend scooping daily and refreshing the litter once a week.

    Keep in mind your cat’s flip litter box is its safe haven. Any changes could be disruptive. So go slow, be mindful of your cat’s sensitivities to smell, texture and weight when switching litter, and strive to make any alterations subtle.

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”