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Based on 10875 reviews
Over priced + shipping

The liners work fine but are not only over priced, but also require a substantial shipping fee. I would not recommend this product, but would instead recommend a most cost efficient option instead.

Modkat Litter Box
Mohammad A.

Modkat Litter Box

Excellent box!

I bought this to settle a litter box turf war between my two cats who both sling litter and “aim high.” It worked so well I bought another. I hope to get both kitties to use the top exit.

My cats love it and so do I

The Modkat litter box looks much nicer than the average litter box, and the hinged top makes it easy to scoop. My cats took to it right away.

Perfect fit

These liners fit perfectly and give the cats all the room that need to turn around.


This is my second modkat litter box and they are great! They are so much more attractive than any other brand out there.

Litter Keeper
Barbara T.

This litter box literally changed my life. My cat is diabetic and her urine is sticky and had to be scraped off the bottom of the litter box. I did this twice a day, usually on my knees! I can’t believe how easy it is to use this box with the (washable) liner!

Modkat Flip Litter Box

Keeps the dogs out + less mess

The cost of the item and shipping are high, otherwise I would give 5 stars. But a lot of thought went into it, definitely. I've gone through so many litterbox solutions for my messy cats and sneaky dogs. This one appears to be working so far. I'm also happy it can convert to a front entry for when my kittens come home soon; and the reusable lining. It's worth mentioning that my cats really loved that one of the parts boxes turns into a toy, what a cool surprise.

Luna's New Boudoir

Hi ModKat! Luna is enjoying her new flip top Litter Box - she did not hesitate to hop in and try to fling litter around to no avail. :-). The litter waste can I also purchased is great BUT the pan at the top is too flat and catches used litter around the flipper at the center. The shovel fits but litter falls to the rim and has to be shaken or pushed into the can. The pan needs to be designed with the hole at a steeper angle. I really hate it - am thinking of going back to waste bags or finding a narrower shovel (hoping that may work). Thanks for asking! Please, please test the waste can and fix. Kristin

Modkat Litter Box
Karen K.
No One But Your Cat Will Know 🤔

I love cats but hate litter boxes. But not this one. It is so well designed, you will forget you have a litter box. And the litter stays in the box. Thanks Modkat.

Modkat Flip Litter Box

Classy, functional, outstanding design

This litter box looks great anywhere in your home. No need to hide it. Best part is the cat is happy to use it.

Litter Mat
Melissa T.

Great mats. I actually bought three of the largest size to cover a large space and they work great. Wish there was a larger size! My kitties don’t mind the texture or walking on them. I like the color and they are light weight so should be easy to clean.

Love the box

Easy to clean, beautiful box

great for transitioning to a hood

We love the flip box because it was easy to transition to a half hood and maybe eventually a full hood on the litter box. The flip top is also way easier for cleaning than unhooking and basically disassembling a full topper every day. Cat loves the flip box because it's a good size (for reference, she's 9 pounds). I think it feels big in there because it's a rectangular shape all the way up the tall walls, so she doesn't lose the square "ceiling" inches like with a rounded hood. And baby gurl loves that fancy liner! Sometimes she caresses it gently with a paw. We will be back for another flip box in the future.

Novice cat owner

So easy, and clean to use! No says, "doesn't even smell like a cat lives here"

Keeps the "pee" inside!

Great for high peeing cats! My cats used to pee through the seams of the old litterbox. Like the liners too, though the box is new and I haven't had to clean them yet.

Modkat Litter Box
Elaine A.
Worth the $$

I was reluctant to shell out the cash for a litter box, but i had the dual problem of a puppy that kept grabbing cat poop and the usual tracking of litter. I have to admit that this box has been worth every penny. Certainly no dog is getting in. A very few grains of regular litter get up onto the top grate, but these then fall through the holes.
I am awaiting the time when the internal bag ( made of tarp-like material) needs replacing. It says every 3 months, perhaps I best stock up now.
Summation : Great product!

Hard to review something I didn’t get.

I’m very disappointed that I haven’t received it yet. Says it’s out for delivery since 11/18. I don’t know who to contact not do I have the time or patience for this.

Best Litter Box Ever!

This is the best litter box I’ve ever had. I love the height of it and the flip top makes it so easy to clean! The white color is perfect and it looks great in the bathroom I keep it in. Thank you Modkat!

Modkat Litter Tray
Sandra M.
Love the high sides!

I recently adopted a large Siamese boy and he really struggled with a standard box but didn’t like the lidded ModKat my other cats use. This one is perfect for him. Large with tall sides - we both live it!

Flip Litter Box
Terrance S.
Game changer

Have tried a dozen different litter boxes, and nothing ever worked. These flip tops are amazing the litters easy to clean it stays cleaner and the liner is a nice touch.

Litter Mat
Chase C.

Litter Mat

Order never arrived

So…. Hard to review.