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Great box

Love it

Great scoop but miss the brush that used to be on it :-(

I've been a big fan of modkat for a long time. I've had to purchase a new scoop but the new scoop design no longer includes a small brush on the side of the scoop, which I use often. I hope you'll bring that design back.

Out of this world !!

Best 3am puuurchase. Cats love it and there is less of a mess. Easy clean up and doesnt take up too much space !

Odor Filter Kit

Love it!!!

Totally excellent box, especially for cats that tend to pee on the side of the box. The only improvement I would suggest is adding a way to lock it to keep dogs and young kids out. :)

Simply perfect

I just moved to another state and one of my cats has taken residency in one of my closets and doesn't want to the litter box in the bathroom. I placed Modkat in the closet and she is using it. If my cat is happy, I am happy as well. Nice product, I might get another one.

Great product, terrible delivery

Only 4 **** because of the terrible delivery service of DHL (in the Netherlands). Unfortunately, Modkat uses DHL for delivery and that caused me (and Modkat) a lot of trouble. Great product nevertheless.


I have been very happy with my purchase. I have 2 cats and I ordered four of the modkat litter boxes. Both of my cats tend to urinate high in their boxes, so I needed a litter box with high sides but I also needed at least one low side for my senior kitty to enter/exit easily. An additional concern was that one of my cats scratches aggressively at the sides of the box after she uses it. I was concerned that the side extenders would not hold up under her scratching (as seen in a previous review). However, I have had no problems at all thus far. I am still concerned that my kitty will destroy the side extenders with her scratching at some point but it has been a few weeks and despite scratching at them, she has not knocked them down of pulled them into to the litter pan yet. I also have not had any litter box "over-sprays". All-in-all, I have been very happy with my purchase.

Great box

Great box

The cats prefer it

We have several modkat litter boxes but this seems to be their favorite. I have an older kitty and a fat kitty so I think it's easier to get in. Litter spread isn't too bad but I would get the mat to go with it.

My cat loves Modkat!

Best cat litter box ever! I have tried a lot of litter boxes for my cat but Modkat is the best!

Modkat XL
best little box

I shopped around and decided to spend the money on a nicer litter box. I am so glad I did. I found a coupon that helped to make the deal even better. My cat loves it and so do I. Assembly was easy and it is a quality product unlike some others I have looked at. Actually sent one back from Amazon that was so bad. It wasn't cheap either which is really bad. I took a loss on shipping and then ordered this one. Yea! So happy with this purchase.

Flip Liners - Type F (3-Pack)

Best litter box ever

My cat loves his new litter box and so do I. The one piece and high walls keeps his mess from leaking out. The flip top makes it easy for me to clean. Well worth the price for the ease and peace of mind.

Favorite new potty

At first none of my kitties wanted to try it out. Then once one did, it quickly has become the favorite potty amongst 6 kitties. Will be ordering again.

Best liners

These liners fit perfectly and are super strong. They help with my male who likes to pee up high!! Great product!

Love this litter box

We’ve tried everything from robotic litter boxes to dome lid boxes to corner boxes to high sided boxes. The modcat box is by far the best. The cats like it, it’s easy to clean, and it doesn’t look like total garbage in the house (in fact, it’s super cool looking!)

Great size and design. Just a little disappointment about the Splash guard sin't fit perfectly inside the box.

Litter Box

Cat loves it and it looks good too. Thanks modkat !

Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

She likes it!

I love my cat dearly, but she is not the brightest bulb. I was concerned she wouldn’t be able to figure out a top-entry litter box but she took to it right away! This is a much nicer box than our previous one and cuts down considerably on litter being tracked on the floor.

Happy cats

Love the product!

Piece of art

Looks very posh. I love it.

Modkat XL
Best litter box ever!

So happy I purchased this litter box for my kitty! I was initially looking at a much cheaper option to replace our other cheap box but I realized that investing in a cleaner, more modern box would be so much more worth it. Guests don’t realize what it is and it’s in the living room. My dog can’t get into it and it’s so easy to clean as well as environmentally friendly. I definitely recommend this company!

Modkat makes life easier!

Love my modkat boxes and liners, no mess outside the boxes.

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