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Flip Litter Box
Ashley L.

I just put it together but already I love it. The design is awesome, I love that it has a lid that flips, has a place for the scooper on either side, and has a liner. The liner will make everything so much easier to clean. I am nervous about my cat getting pee in between the liner and the box, but we will see! Also one of the cardboard boxes turns into a toy for the kitties, which is so great and thoughtful!

Flip Litter Box
Cynthia V.

It’s great. Just need liners

Modkat XL Litter Box
Rosalie V.T.

My kittens just love there new Modkat. They are using the top-entry since day 1!

Flip Litter Box
Sonya R.
Great design

Love the quality and the liner makes cleanup easy

Modkat XL Litter Box
Jessica B.
I love the Modkat XL box & so do my cats!

I have four British Shorthair cats (larger breed) and they love their Modkat XL boxes. The liners are super strong and withstand their claws... lasts 3 months or more until needing changed. If I add to my crew again, my next box would be another Modkat XL! Winston, Pearl, Murphy, and Lilly all approve!!

Modkat XL Litter Box
Yen-Oanh V.
Gray dual entry box

The best litter box. Worth the investment!

Flip Litter Box
Chuck M.
Our cats love Modkat!

We started by replacing a traditional litter box with a modkat …and now have replaced a second litter box as well. Our cats love their Modkats! Changing litter is a breeze with the lift up lid & removable liner. Will replace our last litter box soon!

Flip Litter Box
Helena B.

Love this stylish litter box! Wish I’d happened on this years ago! And my cat loves it too.

Flip Litter Box
shirley j.s.
Modkat flip top

Yea! No more peep on the floor

Great litter box!

Flip Litter Box
Emily A.
Love them

I love how sustainable the reusable
liners are. My cats also enjoyed the cute cardboard box toy :)

Flip Litter Box
Shipping A.
Love this box!

This really is all that it's cracked up to be. The liner is really sturdy despite attempts to claw at it (by the cats); the high walls limit litter getting on the floor; and the cats love it! As an added bonus, the scoop is really great - somehow manages to not get stuff stuck to it. The two-fold lid is great and the cats love to perch on it. Also, good for decor as it's not obviously a litterbox.

First liter box I actually love

One of the important things for me and the litter box was that I need to reduce the amount of out of cat litter on the floor. By the cat needing to hop up to the top and walk over the screen the litter falls back into the box and none on the floor! Great design!

Flip Litter Box
frank m.
My cats hate them.

I bought 2 new boxes because my old ones were very old. My cats are peeing outside both new boxes everyday. I should have gotten the larger ones. Not happy. Frank Miller.

Cats loves it

Perfect for scratching AND to lounge on. The cats fight for it!!

XL Top Entry Liners - Type C (3-pack)

Fabulous cat box!!

I already submitted a stellar review. Then I got an email asking me to add a photo or photos. I added five photos - not great pix but hard to catch the kitties in the best poses. Going to try to attach photos with this review. I have five adorable felines - only three or so will appear.

Love it!

This litter box is the trendiest piece of “furniture” in my whole apartment! Super sleek, modern, and functional. My cat still manages to spray some litter out but it’s not nearly as much as her old tray box. It hides odor and is super easy to scoop. Love this!

Modkat Litter Box
Qianyi S.



We are both happy! My human gets all the style. I get a much cleaner box.
Thank you,

Flip Litter Box
Seems great so far

Love the design, it doesn't scream "litter box" and my cat uses it happily!

Flip Litter Box
Jo D.a.G.
The Cat’s Meow!

Fabulous! A well designed powder room all their own. Wasn’t sure about the liner, but the cement formation Didi* makes comes easily off of it- it stuck badly to the sides of the plastic litter box. * She’s a drinker. Happy home!

Flip Litter Box
Annmari L.
Best of the bunch!

I have 3 regular Modkat litter boxes, 1 Modkat extra large and 1 Modkat flip litter box. The flip litter box is the favorite of my 3 cats as well as myself. For me it is my favorite for it’s smooth lines, larger size and the convenient flip top box. I think my cats like the easy access front entry, size and open-air feel. The flip-top has four hooks in each corner to hold the liner in place. I feel it would better with six by adding two hooks to the middle top as the liner kind of sags inward at the center. When cleaning this box, the top has smooth lines unlike the extra large box, which has actually scratched my arm when cleaning it. I wish this box was available in the extra large size. The front entry could be a tad higher as my cats have a tendency to throw litter out of the front, but since I use gray litter, I just bought a gray shag throw rug to place in front. This hides the thrown litter quite well and make it easy to shake out excess litter into the box. I’d say this by far Modkat’s best litter box. I think that all Modkat’s litter boxes are the best on the market even though they are quite pricey. None of these boxes should cost more than $80.00 USD.

Flip Litter Box
Mercedes M.

Flip Litter Box

Modkat XL Litter Box
Sebastian B.

Modkat XL Litter Box