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Great product!

My cat immediately loved it! :)

Modkat XL

I have 10 cats of all my boxes this one is always used the most it is very roomy for them whould buy again

Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

Very Impressed!

I am always skeptical of the claims that litter boxes will prevent litter tracking and contain the mess but so far it's the best litter box I've had for containing the mess! I have two cats, one is quite large and he still goes to the old litter box. He gave it a try but it's a tight fit. The smaller cat loves it so far! It's like her own private litter box. I'm also very impressed with the overall build quality of the box. Very sturdy and seems quite durable. The main benefit is that I'm not longer embarrassed to have a litter box in plain sight!

Modkat XL
It’s been a long dirty road...

We have 3 cats and we have had some serious litter box issue. Yes, we had the things that so many cat owners deal with- nasty tracking all around the room and high urinating floods. But we also had behavior issues, so much so that we hired a cat behaviorist. She taught us that our girls did not like their boxes covered. It’s been 2 years and I could not stand looking at the uncovered boxes any longer. In a rage, I bought the XL box. The behaviorist said cats always need 2 points of exit- so this box seemed like it would girls use it with ease. It’s modern. Clean. It’s great.

Why not 5 stars? I did cut myself snapping the pierces together. It is expensive for a plastic box.

Overall I like it and plan to buy 1 or 2 more.

It’s great! Just wish it came with a litter mat but no biggy, works beautifully with my space and my cat loves it!


My kitties took to this box right away, and I’m very happy with it as well! My senior kitties had been having issues with peeing over the side of the box and this was a perfect solution. They didn’t have a hooded box before so I was worried they may not enjoy an enclosed box, but there’s so much room for them that they aren’t bothered. Very happy with it!


Love all my Modkat Litter boxes. I have 5!

Great product, my high pee-er is no longer a problem.

Love the Flip Litter Boxes!

We have three cats, and one of them is a high pee-er. There isn't much selection when trying to find a box that won't leak or get really gross and hard to clean from his pee. I love that the Flip box solves this, with high sides, no seams, and easy to replace liners for easy clean-up! Everyday clean up is easy too, and I like that the design is simple and unobtrusive. The only reason I was initially hesitant to buy was the price, but there are sales and refurbished boxes sometimes and I've now been able to replace all our old boxes with these ones. It has definitely been worth it for us. Thank you, Modkat!

Kitties love it!

We notice less litter leaving the box. Our four kitties loved the first one we bought, so we bought more.

My cat has not yet entered it 8( She stands on top of the box, but has not entered it. We have other sand box she's used to, I guess is a matter of tim.

Thank you!

Thank you for making this box, having the splash guard is just what we needed. As my cat has gotten older he occasionally misses the edge of the box. This has kept everything contained. The splash guard is easy and quick to clean. Love the liners too. So far they have held up well!

Where ya been all my life!

Love theses littler boxes! Bought one of the hooded boxes - then bought another - then bought the litter tray for my high sprayer who doesn’t like to be confined. Wish I had known about ModCat sooner!

Looks Matter!

Ive always hated looking at litter in a box. Mod Cat is beautiful and perfect for my Maude Cat.

Modkat XL
Exceeded my expectations!

SO so sooo impressed. Received less than 24 hours after buying online (!!!) and was easy to put together. No more litter mess on the ground and the cardboard box included inside the package served a double-purpose as an interactive game for the cats, wow! You guys exceeded my expectations, definitely worth the price. Thank you!

Modkat XL
Modkat is great!

My cats have been using their new litter box without any problems. My younger cat likes the top entry while my older cat likes to use thw front. They now have the best of both in one stylish litter box.

Classy and Functional!

This was a smart purchase! It’s a very nice box; I love the functionality of the lid and liner replacement! I also love the high walls and “privacy” for our boy cat. Thank you for your good customer service, too :)
Highly recommend!

Modkat Litter Box


Love the top entry, barely any tracking! Slick and the perfect size. I use one for 2 cats.

Love this litter box - it's the best

I have purchased more of the litter boxes because I realize I can more easily keep them clean than others and they are perfect in my home. I have a diabetic cat (translation - a big user of the litter box) so I have to have several liter boxes for him and his cohorts - Modkat never lets us down. Thank you for beautiful and functional design.

great boxes

we bought this for our lady cat, as she was going right outside of her box. she immediately started using this with no issue, as the size and shape was more appropriate for her. she is a thicc gal. we actually saved money because we didn’t have to go to the vet. everyone is happy. we got 2, one for each cat. our slightly smaller cat uses them also, no issues. we leave the lids hinged open. the boxes are easy to clean, and the liners are so great. glad we finally decided to get a better box. oh, and they love the games, too!!! we use our own scoop, we would have preferred another free liner instead. thanks for your product.

Modkat XL

Love these litter boxes. I have 4 litter boxes of this type and am gradually changing all my litter boxes to this type. 6 cats. Reduces litter spread and resolves the issue of one of my boys peeing high up. One of my cats seems to be able to knock the lid so that it falls into the box. Perhaps the tabs that hold it to the box need redesigning. Overall, I am a very happy customer.

great looking litter box and prevents tracking too

This stylish litter box is a staple in my house. The top entry lid with grating helps catch litter on kitty's paws when they climb out. It has reduced tracking by 80%. Highly recommend. I would get a bigger litter box if you have a large cat. Our small cats <10 lbs are fine, but any bigger cats might prefer something larger.

The Best Litter Box for our Boys !!

Search no further, this system is it !!! Our two boys LOVE their new flip top litter boxes !! They can have privacy, while we don’t see an eye sore :) The liners are awesome, the dimensions are perfect for high pee’rs and cats that dig, love the scooper holder it’s very convenient. Their new potty area really looks great, so very pleased with this amazing design :) Bonus cardboard box toy is a nice touch !! Thank you Modkat !!

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