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Two Happy Cats!

Dear Madcap

Our two Cats love these (doin our Business) litter boxes! No more excess Kitty litter being kicked out!
I highly recommend this as a five star product, well made, easy to assemble and easy cleaning!

Thanks! MEOW!

Cleo & Squirt

Love the litter box and liners!

The liners make it so much easier to change the litter and the box itself. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

excellent for cats and me too!

No leakage on these liners and they last at least 3 full dump and clean sessions.

Not interested

Despite this lounge and scratcher looking sleek and cool to me, my cat has not been too keen to use it.

Cat Scratcher Lounge
Christopher J.v.R.
Modkat Large Scratcher Lounger

Like the modern design. Looks clean and suits our decor. It works in any room. Works with keeping claws out of furniture! Something larger would be good too. Definitely recommend this item

Flip liners

I absolutely love my Modkat liter box and the liners are awesome. I get no splatters on the wall from urine and the mess (from liter) has decreased by 90 percent. I really enjoy the mat too. I would highly recommend all Modkat products.

Only one flaw

I have to say I am really super pleasantly surprised with how good it is. I was worried the top being open would still leave a smell, but it's kept the smell really well, most likely due to the liner.
My cats took some time to get used to it, in fact one of them was just howling outside it for the first day, most likely she missed her old one - but now it's been no problem and cleaning it has even been a breeze! I really used to hate cleaning the litter box because of un-attaching the roof, putting that somewhere, getting sand everywhere - but cleaning this box really feels super smooth.

There is one design flaw that I think is quite important and yet easy to fix for the future - the hooks that attach the liner to the box. I've noticed I'm not the only one who's had a problem with these hooks. For such an expensive and well-thought out design, you would think the hooks would actually *click* into place. The reason for this is, my cats like to scratch the side of the litter box after doing their business - a common habit from cats. When they do this, the hook slides off very easily, and either falls in the sand or in between the liner and the box. It is then not easy to slide it back into place, as you have to crane your neck into a specific angle to see where the slot is. In fact, just reading above, I can read here: "The XL liners hang on hooks at each corner to ensure they stay put. Kitties can scratch all they want, these liners won't come down." Well, simply not true. They slide off quite easily.

My issue now is that while I was away, my cat sitter wasn't aware of how sensitive the hooks are and one of them is now missing, most likely scooped up with the poop and put into the bin bags, so I have one corner of the liner always folding in. This is a real pain, and I'm not sure why there wasn't just a *click* mechanism with these hooks, as now I have to make sure it is not folded in or else my cats struggle to use the box.

Unfortunately it seems my only option is to now order a set of extra hooks for €7, and even pay shipping. This is really not ideal considering the massive price already of the litter box. Also when giving this feedback by email, I was surprised that the issue was not really 'acknowledged' - I simply got some tips, such as "ensure the liner hooks are slid/pushed all the way into the allotted slots before installing the liners" or " switching the hooks around to see if they fit tight".
And after mentioning that I didn't order directly from Modkat but through a third-party supplier in my country, the next reply was "I hope it'll work out:)"

To be honest, a bit disappointed with that customer service for such an expensive designer litter box. Yes, I will just push the hooks harder into the plastic, and hope it'll work out ...
In the meantime, I hope the next production batch releases hooks that click into place. Besides that design flaw - super excellent litter box.

Hi Matt, we are emailing you directly now to help!

Flip Litter Box
Vickie S.

Nice sturdy litter box. A little expensive for what it is but overall a good product.

Flip Litter Box
Anna Z.

Flip Litter Box

Katch Litter Mat
Kitty W.

Katch Litter Mat

Cat Scratcher Lounge
Elizabeth P.
Large Cat Scratcher Lounger

My cats are pleased with their new scratcher lounger. I wish it was just a couple of inches longer then they could both share it. It is very solid and they both enjoy a vigorous scratch every day!

Love this, life saver

Love this, life saver, thank you Modkat!!! The products, the team, the best thing that ever happened to me, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Flip Litter Box
Shirley C.
Loved by me and my cat

Great product.

Litter Box Filter Kit

Flip Litter Box
Julie B.P.

Litière parfaite pour petits chats, très jolie.

Modkat ROCKS

The Modkat Litter Box is one of the best purchases I have ever made for my felines and they prefer the top entrance. Its design makes it is easy to use and it is sturdy and durable. BEST and most LOVELY Litter Box ever!

Litter liners

Great product - does the job perfectly. Modkat a great company - their customer service is outstanding

Modkat Litter Tray
France R.
Best litter box

So glad to have purchased this litter box with high sides. Much less litter on the floor around the box, and no more leeks over the sides!


My cat is in love with this litter box. Finally he have enough space.

Flip Litter Box
Kitty W.
love love love

so far the best litter box my cat love.

Flip Litter Box
Nadia P.
The best of the best

Love it, looks great! My cat loves it, she started using it right away!

Love it !

I am so thankful for Modkat! It has been a lifesaver - with 6 rescue cats - super easy to clean and keep litter contained - highly recommended!

Beautiful Design

This “litter box” is beautifully designed and made with quality materials that will last! Function and aesthetics go hand in hand here. Plus, the cats love the top entry!

Modkat Litter Tray
Li-Chen O.
Great product

My cats love it