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ModKat XL- Wish I bought this litter box first!!!

This is an amazing littler box. I don’t have that awful ammonia smell anymore!!! Worth the splurge. thank you ModKat ❤️

Finally a litter box with high enough sides!

When one of our cats started "shooting for the stars," I tried 2 other "high-sided" litter boxes -- one 10 inches, one 11 inches. Our boy peed over the top of both. Finally, I discovered the Modkat XL. This is a well-designed and well-constructed litter box with 17-inch sides. And the floor area is big enough for our 2 extra-long cats. No more problems! I don't use the liners, but the box is easy to clean. It's a great product.

Modkat XL

Our cat loves the extra room in this litter box. We have the Flip and the XL litter boxes. He prefers the XL over the Flip. Both are very good quality and pee-proof if your cat is a sidewall-
pee’er. I like the liners as well, too. They fit
perfectly against the floor and walls of the litter box. Our cat uses the side entrance, so I would like to see a blocking panel made available for the top entry hole, like the one supplied for the side entry hole. Overall, I’m happy with both the Modkat Flip and the Modkat XL litter boxes.

Flip Litter Box


This is the 3rd flip litter box I've purchased. They are the best litter boxes I've ever owned. I love them but more importantly my cats love them. They have thought of everything!!! The lid being on top eliminates pee coming out onto the floor. The perfect fitting liners are amazing!!! They are extremely durable and easy to clean!! I LOVE MODKAT!!!!!!!!

Great investment- excellent litter box
I have 2!

100% worth the Splurge

Cats love it, way less litter tracking. I also purchased the XL litter catching mat which works great and is an amazing price compared to the prices I set at pet stores.

Great litter box, but arrived broken

Really nice litter box and great company. This is our third Modkat litter box - really appreciate their thoughtful designs. This one looks great and is working well for our two cats who tend to be picky about where they do their business. They seem to like the extra space and multiple entry points. I would give it five stars, but one piece of the top cover arrived broken. It wasn't an important piece, and given the hassle of returning such a large product by mail, we decided to keep it. Not a big deal, though it was disappointing to receive an imperfect product when we're paying a premium because we want a litter box that looks nice.

Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

Exactly what I needed

My cat has urinated over the back of the litter box his whole life and even with the covered boxes or high backed boxes it would still seep into the seam between top and bottom and smell or drip out onto the floor. With this the liner makes it easy to clean and set up was easy. I went for the front entry box to replace a covered box. The only thing is the litter comes out of the box easily, I just need to get a mat for in front of it.

Top notch litter box

Great functionality, easy accessibility


Quality product. Quick delivery

Love the second time around!

We purchased the identical MODKAT, a year or so ago. It makes litter changing a breeze. We rescued a cat from our small yard, after a visit to the Vet. We thought Bootsie deserves a MODKAT also. Thanks for this wonderful product!

Good product

I like these because they are sturdy and minimize the mess changing out the litter

Love the Flip Litter Box

My high peeing cat loves her new litter box and so do I. Everything stays within the confines of the box. The only thing that could make it better would be my cat learning how to scoop litter!

Litter Mat
A 5 Star Litter Mat!!

My Sphynx, Bouvier of course likes to be spoiled and to go with his Modkat litter box he now has a mat under it. Both pieces are 5 stars as far as I am concerned!!
The mat holds any litter trapped in his paws and that makes me extremely happy.
Job very well done Modkat!!

Best litter box ever!

My two rag dolls love their new litter boxes! Sturdy, stylish and roomy!😻😻

I like it more than my cat does

My older, non-athletic Cat won’t use it. Probably need side entry instead of top entry.


I love this product. It helps tremendously!

Love it but-

The one piece construction is brilliant and prevents the “leaking” allowed by a covered two piece box, BUT, and this is a big but-the gap between the liner and the opening in front allows someone to pee over the liner, though not outside the box, creating a mess under the liner. I’ve had to duct tape the liner to the curve of the opening which works but diminishes the overall convenience. If that could be addressed the Flip Litter Box would be perfect!



What a mess

It took forever to get the products I ordered. The website never informed consumers that various parts of the order were on back order. After I contacted Customer Service twice and I was unable to get the tour service people to understand that I did not understand why the order was delayed and sent in 3 separate parts. It was never indicated on the invoice once I ordered the 2 of the 3 items were on back order. This was a pain in the ass!

Hi George, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. One of your items was on backorder, as indicated on the product page and invoice. We apologize for the subsequent delay and any confusion regarding delivery in 3 separate packages. Support is following up directly to see how we may further assist you, we want you to be happy with your purchase!

Great litter box and GREAT customer service when we had a clip missing.

Very pretty

My only complaint is that the plastic came a little bent in the back and the part that you connect the lid broke on one side but I could still put the lid on and you cant see it from the front. Otherwise it looks beautiful!

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