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    Flip Litter Box
    Deborah C.

    The litter box has to be in my powder room because of disposable cat litter, and this one is clean looking and when guests come they don’t have to sit and look at messy litter because of the lid which lifts easily to clean.

    Modkat Flip Litter Box
    Michael-Bong Q.

    Modkat Flip Litter Box

    Modest flip lid cat litter box

    With the right cat Litter this box seems high enough for my cats not to fling kitty litter Everywhere. Love it!!

    Love it

    This is a great product. It looks nice, was easy to put together, and the liners are heavy duty enough to stand up to my cat who likes to claw at them. And she absolutely loves the cardboard box toy that this was packaged in - it is her favorite toy, and I think it shows that Modkat really cares about cats!

    best liter box we have ever had

    Perfect size for our small bathroom

    Works perfectly in our small bathroom on the corner between the wall and toilet. Also the dogs don't bother with the litter anymore


    I have only been using for a couple of weeks but really loving these so far. My cat likes to pee a little high sometimes, so that is what drew me to ModKat. The sleek design is great as well and love the scoop and holder right on the side. The changeable lid and filter is really nice. I am still getting used to the dumping method but will get the hang of it. No leaks so far, so I would say this has been worth the money knowing my cat won't be peeing outside the bin again (hopefully!).

    Not stable falls apart

    Not stable as a top entrance box and the hooks fall off easily lost 3 in first week, the top frame is not stable very unsatisfied I have another model that is not a top entry much better

    Litter Box Odor Filter Kit

    Truly amazing litter box! I kid you not.

    This is one amazing litter box. It's nice looking - clean lines, blends in; the cats took to it immediately; top entry really does help manage to keep litter off the floor; the box that turns into a cat toy was a fun treat.

    Modkat Litter Tray
    Sundar-Jovian R.
    perfect litter box

    my cat likes an open top box. this litter box is strategically designed to be open top, but also very difficult to kick litter out of. this is a win-win for me and my cat. also looks great like everything else modkat makes.

    i use and reuse liners and wash them thoroughly in between uses, but they do eventually seem to get worn out (cat protests!) after several months, and you need to buy more then.

    i have concerns about the long-term sustainability of this option as such. if i had a house with a garage, i'd definitely try to create a 100% zero waste solution, but alas, the downside of a lack of space in apartment living means being at the mercy of disposability and convenience culture (which is killing us all).

    that all aside, this is an awesome bin, my cat used it immediately and really likes it, too.

    thanks modkat.

    Modkat Litter Tray
    Patricia D.
    Modkat Litter Tray

    I bought this for my second cat after purchasing the Modkat Flip Litter Box a few years ago for my other cat. She loves it as do I-easy to clean and the liners last a long time. I plan to only purchase Modkat products from now on. Always fast shipping with no problems.

    Litter Keeper
    Love Modkat, but not the Litter Keeper

    Let me start by saying that I LOVE Modkat! Their XL litter box is perfect for my ginormous Siamese boy. And the rounded litter scoop is my favorite! Sadly, I do not love the litter Keeper. As other reviews mention, the slot where the scooped litter goes is barely big enough for a small clump, and does not accommodate a large clump well at all. Whatever scooped litter doesn’t make it into the receptacle is super messy and gets everywhere, which I then have to wipe off with an antibacterial wipe. This could all be fixed with a larger hole for the scooped litter bits. (Pro tip: the rounded litter scoop fits a little better than the squared off one it comes with). Customer Service is amazing - the first litter keeper I ordered had a broken pedal and they sent another one out immediately. Love the company, but the litter keeper has a major design flaw…

    We have a WINNER!

    Yes, you *should* get this box. I was on the fence for a long time, as it is expensive, but the quality is worth it! It's attractive, easy to clean, and I found my 15 year-old cat was immediately comfortable with the design/dimensions. After using it for about 2 weeks, I'm so pleased that the liner keeps the wet litter clumps from sticking to the bottom of the tray. Scooping is a breeze and therefore odors are minimized... I was looking for a covered box and this one has a clever flip-top that makes it sooo easy to keep on top of the mess, since the included scoop is stored on either side of the box for easy access; I no longer have to unclip and remove a bulky hood to get at the waste. I am imagining that I won't need to replace the liner for a long time; just periodically remove, soak, and let it air dry as suggested... This one is a winner!!

    Totally delivers

    The unit is perfectly described in both dimensions and usage. The two entry options are sized appropriately for larger cats. The deodorant packets absorb all odours and the reusable liners are durable . The Design allows it to be used in more visible locations in the home. Beyond expectations!

    Great design aesthetic, but my cat won’t use it

    This litter box is sturdy and has a nice overall look. I also appreciate the design features of the high-sided box, the adjustable lid, and even the liners. At first I was hesitant to purchase them, but the Wirecutter reviewers attested the liners last longer than the manufacturer suggests as long as you clean them, and I think tossing a liner periodically will (hopefully) be less plastic waste than having to throw out a worn out litter box every year or so.
    In spite of my positive review, my cat doesn’t like it. My cat is almost 11, so she’s had lots of litter pans over the years. I always do her transition the same way: place the new litter pan next to her old one. In the past, she’s gone right for the new one, but over the last month, she has only used this new litter pan once. Instead, she continues to use her old one that is ready to be retired. I’ve tried different lid configurations and am using the same cat litter, but she just doesn’t seem to like something about this pan. The lining doesn’t crinkle when she gets in because of the weight of my litter holding it down, so I can’t come up with the issue. I didn’t read any other reviews of others’ cats rejecting the design, so I hope she comes around since I definitely splurged on this litter box for her.

    Litter Mat
    Joseph D.
    Good product

    Works just fine

    Easy to clean

    The hinged top folds out of the way, for trouble scooping and cleaning. Love that it comes with a liner, which will make the monthly deep clean was easier.

    Very good for apartment living

    I am happy with this litter box. Its small footprint and modular cover make it perfect to stow in coat closet. Though when I say small footprint, I do mean small - it is probably not suitable for a large cat. I personally feel like litter box liners are a waste of plastic and money so I don’t use them. Since this box has high walls with corners, it is easy enough to empty without a liner.

    Nothing Special About this Litter Box

    We were hopeful that the smooth sides would reduce the lingering odoring of cat pee, but it's just like any other litter box.... It smells even after you scoop every time it's used. Now you have the added work of cleaning a liner and a box in between having to replace a liner. Not having a seam in the middle really didn't make that much difference in how it handles urine odors. Still using ample baking soda at every scoop. Very Disappointed.

    Purrfect size and shape

    Our big boy loves the new litter box and we love that he no longer shovels litter onto our laundry room floor ;)

    A piece of the lid broken

    I was Just able to set up the modular XL due to being out of town on an emergency and very disappointed the kid had a piece broken. I took A picture to send to you and the lid won’t sit correctly. Also the charcoal placement can you please send a video one of the charcoal placement things had a silver thing and one didn’t neither would slid into lid. As of now not very happy with purchase. Please send a email I can Send a pic of the piece broken from the lid

    Flip Box

    We bought one to make sure the “boys” would like it. No issues, so bought a second one. Like it so far; the litter does not stick to the liner, and the flip/fold lid is a nice feature.

    I never review purchases

    I absolutely love this litter box! My two cats were peeing outside their last box so in frustration I splurged hoping the Modcat high sided box would solve the problem. It did - I am thrilled, truly, about a litter box!!!

    XL Top Entry Liners - Type C (3-pack)