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Awesome Cat Scratcher Lounge!

All of my cats love it! Very durable and high quality materials. My cats like to scratch on it and use it to lounge on. Best purchase!

Flip Litter Box

This is the best litter box in the history of litter boxes.

My cat loves it

It’s stylish and well-designed. My cat loves it


My kitties love their new litter box! They also b really love the included toy which I thought was a brilliant use of packaging. I wish more companies would do stuff like that. I am very happy with my overall experience and product!

Happy Cats

My cats prefer the Modkat XL liter box. I have had 3 liter boxes total in my household and had to replace the one with another Modkat XL and the other has been replaced with a Modkat litter tray.

A litter box with design in mind

An architect shopping for a litter box was a bit of a personal hell. It’s not an object that is often designed with aesthetics in mind. Modcat has created a pleasing object that performs. I love the top entry, way less litter on the floor. The perforated plastic vents the box for my cat and helps with litter mess. Liner is a great option for durability of the box itself. Hugely impressed with this item. It’s not the cheapest box, but it may just be the best bang for your buck.

The perfect solution

One of my 5 cats loves to pee standing as high as he can which meant a daily cleaning around the litter box since it went everywhere. I tried high-sided litter boxes without success (not high enough) but finally got the one from Modcat with removable, washable panels on the side. That did the trick!! I am SO happy to not be cleaning urine outside the litter box now. I totally recommend the ModCat box for standing pee kitties!

Best litter box ever!!

My cat tends to be a high-sprayer who does not like enclosed litter boxes, and I was having trouble finding a litter box with high enough walls. The Modkat tray has a sleek and modern design with sufficiently high walls. I also like the included scoop and how the tray has a little notch to hang it on.


I have two cats. Very derpy, messy cats. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars trying to find solutions and I FINALLY FOUND ONE. This box is amazing and checks all the boxes.
-Tough, long lasting liner for my idiot wall scratchers ( dig in the litter dummy...)
-Top entry ( or choice side entry) to keep Flingus from flinging litter all over the place and peeing down the litter box wall ( My female cats of the past never did this. Is this a male thing???)
- reduced litter tracking with the grated top which also adds light and airflow- one of the hinges were broken on arrival, i need to contact the company about this.
-hinge open top for easy cleaning
Overall I am very pleased!

nice ad usefull

my cat loves the new toilet and despite its oldness he plays all the day with the cardbordbox

My favorite litter box

I've purchased several litter boxes over the last ten years of my cat's life and this one is definitely my favorite one. I like how easy it is to flip the lid open to scoop the litter and the box feels sturdy and high quality. I also like the scoop it comes with. I wanted an easy to use, quality litter box that didn't look ugly and this one fits perfectly for our needs. Definitely worth the money!


FINALLY there’s a cat box design that makes sense for the cat AND the human. The flip lid solves the annoying issue of having to pull off a giant lid and find somewhere to put it while you scoop. The high sides also means that no pee or litter is escaping the crack between the lid and the tray which means less cleanup. The liner is GREAT! We have a cat who pees along the sides of the box which forms a cement wall of sorts, and formerly, we’d have to scrape the sides and bottom of the tray to get it all up. Now, you can just wiggle the liner a bit and it pulls away from the sides making it easier to scoop. I love that we can replace the liners, it feels so much more hygienic this way. THANK YOU Modkat! Our three cats are thrilled with their new boxes!!

Fabulous mat!

This mat is very convenient for shaking litter back into litter box after your fur babies step out on to it. Easy to clean. Highly recommend!

great for a big cat

a little harder to clean vs the original but it's a great box for a big cat.

Great box!

Nice box with large size!

Roomy and Private

The Modkat XL Litter box is excellent! We have it set up for both front- and top-entry at the moment, so that our cats have more than one way to get in and out. It's very large, so they have plenty of room inside to do their business. And the high walls have helped keep the litter from going everywhere!

Yep. Cats like it.

Nice shape and size. Cover use is easily optional.

Great litter box for litter kickers

Does the job by keeping litter in the box

Love the linings

Love these litter box linings. Wish they were more affordable though!

Terrific catbox

Cat is using it consistently, and ignoring the two other boxes. Great item, worth the money.

Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

Modkat XL Litter Box

Great look! I like the ability to have front and top entry as I have an overweight cat that uses the front entry while her brother climbs in from the top. This is a very solid construction. It may seem expensive but in my opinion it is worth it. My litter box sits in the corner in the living room as I have a small house and no one even notices that it's actually a litter box.

Best quality cat scratcher

Lasts for months, our big (15 and 20 lbs) cats love it!

Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

Great for my senior

I've had the other modkat litter box for years. It was definitely time to replace it so I decided to change to this one instead of the enclosure for my 23 year old cat. Works perfectly for him. Some seniors may need a step up but for taller cats it's great. It also is easy to clean!