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Super happy with the flip litter box. Both kittens are using it and love the privacy they have. I like the liner and there’s no odor. Great product

Flip Litter Box

Exactly what I was looking for

My cat Archer has had the same crap litter box for 8 years. I decided on this one because it sits out in the open and I wanted something that isn’t such an eye sore.

I received the wrong color but I actually prefer it over the gray now that it’s here. It’s exactly what I was looking for. It really cleans up and simplifies the space nicely, a huge improvement from its predecessor.

I’m an industrial designer, and a nut for details, and my only dig is that the lid doesn’t stay open while I’m cleaning it out. Just needs a little more turn in that hinge.

I love this litter box more than I expected

I am mostly stoked about the replaceable liners, but I also love how handy the scooper is hanging on the side. I also love how the flip top contains the litter box but still allows easy access for cleaning. Awesome litter box.

Great litter box

I like the design; and, the size is perfect for where I placed it. My cats seem to love it and have had no issues adjusting to the new style. Also, there seems to be less litter on the floor outside the box. Very pleased!

Odor Filter Kit
Ottimo prodotto

Il prodotto ha superato le aspettative. Perfetto per gatti di grande taglia.
Abbatte il problema dello spargimento sabbia

Litter Mat

Since the litter mats have been in use, I've seen in reduction in the amount of litter being tracked around the house. Can recommend.

Modkat XL Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box
modkat litter box!

Love, love the engineering, the rotator top, is terrific. The liner worked beautifully, despite some indication through reviews that it would leak, either by the top or the seam. It did not. My cat adapted immediately. And, yes, this litter box does not offend my sense of design!

Thank you modkat!


It's been about a week and so far, these are the best liners I have ever used! I use non-clumping crystal cat litter and these liners stay up and don't leak. Thank you modkat!!

Great product!

We (me and my cat Maggie) love this litter box, good quality and good size.

Amazingly Modern!

I’ve been searching for a modern tray litter box for months. When I finally found this ModKat Tray, I was beyond pleased! Although it took 4 months to come back in stock, when I finally got the tray, my cat Eva loved it (and still does)! The box which turns into a toy is also a great touch. This company is staying on my favorites list.

My Cats are Super Modern

I purchased the Modkat Tray as a secondary option to our Modkat Flip. We needed something with a smaller profile to fit in our bathroom, and ultimately to use when traveling longer distances. This litter box is an actual gem. The splash guard is clutch in helping keep litter inside the box, especially since one of our cats has taken to digging/kicking the litter incessantly some mornings as a means to get me out of bed. Further, the platform attachment works better than I imagined it would. Between that and the splash guard, it's the neatest open litter box I've owned. I have a feeling both of our boxes are going to last a long time, but I'm already looking for an excuse to get the XL based on how excellent these smaller options are - easy to clean, sharp profile and the deep tray helps our girls stay tidy. Also, worth noting that the customer service after encountering an issue with the splash guard was on point. They hooked us up immediately. The brand loyalty is real, y'all. Fully recommend.

great litterbox, WAY over priced

This would be way more reasonable around $79 dollar price range, at $150 it just feels like a rip off. But it is a good product for containing cats who "high pee".

Went to fast

I like the cleaner but it seemed like after I was done using it for about a week the bottle was half empty.

Works as advertised :)

Easy to use and eliminated odors when cleaning our kitty litter - great product!


Blends well with my apartment and the high litter box is exactly want need

Best. Litter box. Ever!

I’ve had a few different boxes over the years and when I switch types, I always leave the old one around to get my cats accustomed to the change. With these, they took to it and prefer it immediately. Can’t be happier as I have bought 4 already!

Best litter box I've owned

I've owned a ton of litter boxes in my quest to find the one that my cats like the best, makes the least mess, and is easiest to clean.

These are just some of the ones I've tried:
- Three-box sifting setup. My boy cat pees outside of it about 20% of the time, soaking the walls and floor with pee. It's quite small and the wet litter cakes between the sifting slots, so I have to use a tool and paper towels to wipe it all out. It's also not remotely tall enough--I had to stack two of the outer rim covers on top so that the litter mess is contained when the cats bury and kick litter out. Makes a huge mess.
- Automatic crystal litter sifter--my cats pee a lot (I add water to their exclusively canned diet) and the crystal litter tray replacements cost $80 each time and my cats hated it and the crystal hurt their paws. Smelled terrible, soaked through, tons of waste generated with each tray. If the urine and poop hasn't dried out by the time the automatic sifter grate ran through (which it rarely does, even on the longest timed setting), poop would get stuck to it and dry out and get caked and I would have to scrub the thing out with dish scrubbers. Honestly the worst box I've ever used and the cats hated it too. Only worth it if you have to leave your cats to themselves when you go on vacation for maybe three days.
- Manually rotating sifting box--tilt the box as close to 90 degrees as you can to sift out the clumps of urine and poop solids. Everything stuck to the sifting portion and I had to open out the box and clean it every few days. Smelled bad very quickly and required total litter overhauls constantly.
- "Horse litter" large pellets that soak through and fall into a sifting underside that has a pee pad and tray to catch the dissolved bits. Really terrible, did not work, box smelled bad and giant chunks of horse pellets were all over the house constantly. Tray filled with urine faster than I could change it out.

So having run the gamut of litter boxes ...

Beautiful litter box

My two cats seem to like their new litter box. I bought the XL to replace an old box. The shape, neutral color, and design fits perfectly in my home. I ordered a Modkat mat and extra liners, too. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks.


I had never heard of this brand before and discovered it when I was reading reviews of other litter boxes! We invested in the litter robot but one of my cats refuses to use it so I had to get a more traditional litter box. I love that this has a liner. It makes it easier to scoop the litter out because it doesn’t stick like it does to plastic. I don’t mind paying the money for a new liner every few months because I used to take my litter box and hose it and scrub it! And now I don’t have to do that anymore. Everything about this box is great. Highly recommend.

Solution to our problem

My cat Ezra used to track litter all over my hardwood floor. Imagine getting up in the middle of the night only to step on litter with your bare feet. Cringe!!! Modkat solved this problem for us. NO MORE TRACKING! I am forever grateful.

No more litter all over the floor!

I have a cat that kicks litter all over. I haven’t found a litter box to prevent this till now. I have the XL Modkat and use the top entry. This keeps the mess inside the box and me happy!

Modkat XL Litter Box

Love the liners!

Also our cat loves the toy, thank you!

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