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Modkat Litter Box
Pamela R.

I haven’t received my litter box yet.
The first one I ordered never came. I reached out to support and was told another one would be shipped out. That was 3 days ago and the litter box has not been shipped out yet

Never Arrived

Still waiting on product

High peeing cat

This worked great for a 15 lbs large cat. Didn’t use the liner because I thought he might pee over the top of it but it works great without the liner. Loved the easy open lid. A bit pricey but solved the high peeing cat problem !

Modkat XL Litter Box

Spare box liners

The cat box liners works so well at keeping the litter box clean I thought it would be good to have spare ones on hand. I have two cats. The liners come three to a bag so I ordered two bags to have six extra, three for each cat, I haven’t had to use them yet but it’s good to know I have them on hand when the time is also on hand. Thanks, Modkat. I was trying to figure out why your poop scoop stay so clean, compared to the plastic ones and then I realized they are made out of silicone and very little sticks to silicone. Another smart move on your part!

Super liners make the difference

We have a cat who scratches madly when using her litter box, so naturally I was intrigued by the reusable, fortified liners and the ways in which they securely attach to the box. It's been a week and Daisy has still not pierced the liner (F) nor has it come down off the hooks. All good! Also, I love the easy access for humans when cleaning. Excellent design and dimensions fit perfectly for our small space.

Great kitty litter products

Well designed and thought through litter tray and related products. I wish the shipping to UK was cheaper for the replacement liners but the products themselves are really good value.

Clean and stink free zone!

We love our Modkat Flip Litter Box! It has kept our kitty litter area much more clear and smell-free. Would highly recommend!

Kittens love it

I think the kittens like it so much because it’s stable. They can scratch their hearts out and it won’t move. Also the structure has provided them with a fun hiding spot. If it proves to be durable over time I’d consider buying another.

Great product

Kitties love their new litter box and the little interactive cardboard toy that came with it. I love the reduced litter tracking and the quality. The price is steep but you get what you pay for.

Modkat Flip Litter Box
Felicitas D.

Modkat Flip Litter Box

Good Idea, Poor Design

We have a multi-cat household, and multiple Modkat Fliptop boxes. When I saw the XL, I thought it would be a great addition for our bigger male cats. I was disappointed. I clean the litter boxes twice daily, and the Fliptops are a breeze to clean, as well as quickly lift to pull out and empty the litter mat. I set the new XL up as front entry similar to the Fliptops. While large, the XL is not at all easy to clean. The frame around the top of the box gets in the way, the lid that fits in the frame is easily dislodged by the bigger cats because they jump on it, the piece that is supposed to be some sort of step into the box is useless, and it is very awkward to move so I can empty the litter mat. I so wish I had just bought 2 more Fliptops rather than the XL. Please go back to the drawing board Modkat.

Why did I wait so long?

Love love our new litter boxes. I have had indoor cats all of my life and I am so thankful for the Modcat litter boxes. It has made my litter box cleaning soooo much easier. Can’t say enough! Thank you!

Win - win litter box!

This litter box both looks good and functions well. Minimal litter escapes the box on my kitty’s paws which is great! She likes it and so do I so it’s a win-win!

Modkat XL Litter Box

my cat and I both love this litter box!

I've been looking for a high walled litter box that was still enclosed for the longest time, since my cat tends to spray a little. we also didn't want to see or smell his poo since the box is in an open area! this litter box was a gamechanger for us as it hold so much litter while being easy to clean and easy for my cat to use. no more urine or poo on the ground! the only downside is that now he tracks a lot more litter outside the box as he has to jump a little to get out of the box (the wall is a little high for him) but I'd take more litter than urine any day.

Flip Litter Box
Danielle S.
Great but not purr-fect

Things I love about this litter box:
~It is very roomy, even for our larger cats
~The flip lid is great for easy access to inside
~Looks aesthetically pleasing
~Our kitten loves the free toy that it came with :)
Things that I don’t love:
~The square shape of the box makes it hard to scoop messes out of the corners
~The holes in the scoop are a bit too big and let some smaller clumps back through
~Price is a little steep for what it is. I would buy more if it wasn’t so expensive!


Fast delivery. Works as advertised. Makes keeping a clean litter box much easier.

Modkat Litter Box
Rosie B.

Modkat Litter Box

Recommend it

This litterbox is nice and my cat loves it. I like that the cover has different option. You can have it fully covered or uncovered or halfway covered. I currently have it halfway covered and my cat has no trouble using it. I like that it comes with the scooper. It matches my furniture in the living room so if youre looking for an aesthetic litterbox this is a good choice

Really like it

I love how it’s one piece - our other litter box would get pee where the top connected to the box and it would smell. This has eliminated that issue. Also it really helps contain the litter into the box. Enjoying the box very much so far!

Litter Keeper
Daniel Y.

Litter Keeper

Litter Keeper
Jaime B.

Clean, simple, not smelly.

Slotted Scoop
Sonya G.
Scoopers are very sturdy and hang on the box

Love the way they have 90 degree corners so get all the way into the edges of the litter box

Katch Litter Mat
Beata Z.

Katch Litter Mat