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One of the best purchase experiences ever.

We recently reduced a big lump of a Tom cat named Garfield. We had tried a couple of other “old fashion” cat boxes - and he managed to get litter everywhere. My wife had seen an ad for Modkat and after a bit of deliberation we decided to upgrade.

The thought that went into the design and packaging - well let’s just say - it has been bringing us joy everyday.

I love our litter box.

Awesome litter box!

I was very skeptical at first and the price was a huge turn-off. I just want to say it was the best money I ever spent. We have been through countless litter boxes all with the same issues. This one is seamless (which means cat pee from high peeing cats does not leak from the closure cracks where the top half meets the bottom). It is very easy to clean with the flip top. The cat used it right away, No problems. Seems well built and well thought out. Love the removable-washable inserts. I would absolutely recommend this. It is worth every penny! 

Our Big Girl Loves Her Modkat XL!

We have a 17 pound Siberian Forest Cat who was fed up with smaller litter boxes and she let us know by starting to urinate outside the box. We upgraded her to a Modkat XL a few weeks ago and she’s a happy lady! She can do her complete “business” at either end of the box and leaves only a few grains of litter on her way out. Her rating: Two Paws Up! 😊

The best litter box

I bought this after my brother recommended it to me, and I’m so glad I did!! It is cute, sturdy and seems high quality. I love the magnetic lid and that the scooper fits right on the side. A next step-up could be a little holder for those of us who use baggies... just an idea.
It’s really nice though and controls the smell much better than my previous Petco one. We have two cats and they both took to it right away. It is large enough for our big guy, Maui, and that’s saying a lot :) I also purchased the large mat to go under which I also recommend. I have my vacuum setup right next to it so that I can easily clean up the stray litter sprinkles that still do manage to escape. The mat is too large and heavy to pick up and shake out, so vacuuming is definitely easier.

Flip Litter Box
outstanding product!

The Modkat Flip Litter Box makes scooping so much easier. The high walls of the box prevent litter--and anything else--from escaping. The liner is sturdy and seemingly non-stick. The shape of the box and the fold-back lid provide a good angle for scooping and everything feels much more contained. I highly recommend this box--a great investment!


Perfect for my big cat!

Good quality and looks nice in bathroom

Really good quality.

I just adopted my first cat and she really likes to throw litter everywhere. I bought this litter box because I was hoping the top entry would prevent messes and mostly because it looks stylish (the box sits next to the only toilet in the house so we have to see this every day).

The best feature is probably the swivel top that you don't have to detach to empty/clean the litter. When you open it, any litter on top falls in and you can shut it easily, not fiddling around trying to get it to fit on again.

A bit pricy but I figure ill have this for ~15 years and I have to stare at it every day so well worth it for me.


Best cat box

Best kitty box!!! Cat was used to a open tray and transitioned with no issues... our kitty is sooo messy and now there is no mess, super easy to clean and there is no view of poop anymore!!! Easy to clean too!!! Buy the mat, it’s worth it!!

Who knew a kitty litter box could be so pretty? Litter kicked up into the floor is a thing of the past. Very satisfied.

Modkat Liners - Type A (3-Pack)

Chic & modern

We love our new kitty box! Finally something that is practical to clean, and pleasing to look at. Love your products!

Great Liners

These liners are really what make the modkat box for me. Super sturdy, even with all my cat's digging I haven't had any rips in them. Great product.

Not yet arrived.

Love this box!

My cats took a liking to the new boxes right away! I enjoy the liners in the boxes so I dont have to wash the whole litter box just the liners! Im thinking about ordering more! (I have 3 cats, and only ordered two boxes. I didnt get rid of any of their old boxes yet)

Finally something that works.

I have a side pisser for a cat. Traditional boxes made me put pads on my wall and they smell. Now thanks to this box I can have a clean environment! The size of the box is just right for him he is 15lbs. He doesn't play or kick out a half ton of litter with this box. Best part the lid. I have arthritis and back issues, it is such a relief to just flip the lid.

Good product!!

It’s really good for my cats. They are enjoy use every time. But it’s pricey.

Well made and constructed

Great Litter Box

The box has been a welcome addition to our home. All our kitties (5) took to it immediately and it has minimized the litter they track outside the box. We have 4 of the original ModKat boxes but this one is definitely much roomier. Will probably add another one in the near future.
Thanks ModKat!

Best Litter Box EVER!

Looks like a small hamper....can be placed in any room....litter stays inside....flip top makes for easy access for scooping.....our cat loves it!

Great Litter Box!

This is a wonderful litter box! Used another style previously, and my cat was not covering his droppings effectively, or wasn’t even bothering to. I believe that one was too small for him. The ModKat style is roomy, easy to clean, has no discernible odor and my cat loves it! He’s covering effectively, and I find I only need to scoop once per day now. Great design!!

Love it!!

The ergonomic convenience of the lid is spectacular along with the size which is large enough for 2 cats. Love the look too! Just ordered my mom, who is a new kitty mama the regular sized one!!

Best cat box ever!

Very satisfied with this purchase! And the kitties love the toy it came with!

clean sleek & functional

nice to look at, easy to assemble, my kitty has no far so good. my friends saw the litter box and were jealous, so i think they’ll be ordering some soon. :)

Great litter box! Great cat box toy included!

Very pleased with this purchase so far. Was looking for a high walled litter box because one of my cats is a kicker when he's in the box. So far so good! Honestly, the most brilliant part was the cutout box that includes some of the pieces of the litter box that they prompt you to turn into a cat toy. my cat loves it! Super thoughtful company that clearly knows and loves cats!

Love everything from the packaging to the litter box!

Beautiful litter box and all around just perfect! Who knew I could be excited about a litter box?! It's the little things these days.
I also want to point out how AMAZING the packaging is.... the box turns into a toy for your fur baby!! How innovative. I recommend to all cat parents.

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