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Best litter box!

Great quality and easy to install.

The top is not as well designed as I would like it

Overall I like the box and the size is wonderful. Love that the scoop and the fact that it seamlessly fits into the holder. I wish the top was a different design, because I takes off the whole thing to be able to scoop the litter. The one sided lift is a bit inconvenient. I also wish the liner was a hard form liner rather than the tarp like ones, which the scoop gets caught on and makes it harder to scoop. It also doesn’t make it any easier to empty the litter for change. I needed up dumping half the old litter on the floor by accident right next to the garbage can. I like the box, I just wish the other things were better. Also the plastic isn’t really worth 150 dollars. It’s really the beauty you are paying for rather than the quality.

Modkat Litter Box
Angel R.

Modkat Litter Box

Cats love it!

Cats really like it for scratching and lounging

Love them!

I wish they held up for a bit longer, but these liners work really well!

Best litter box

Looks great and the lid definitely helps to cut down on litter tracking (at least for World's Best cat litter). And the most important critic, the cat, loves it too!

Too expensive

The Liners were overpriced and didn't have free shipping. However, they are good quality.

Great stuff but...

I love all the Mod Kat litter systems. These liners are durable and practical. I've made the suggestion on Instagram that they should have velcro fastners at the top so the liners don't shift. One of cats who loves to spray her pee really high also likes to dig for gold...this makes the liner shift and the litter ends up at the bottom of the litter box and I've noticed pee there too. Not as much as a nuisance as when I didn't have this box and liner, but I put the velcro on myself and it has been a complete game-changer!

Flip Litter Box
Christine S.R.

Love this box! Bought another one since I have 3 cats. They all adjusted to it, no problem.

Looks great would recommend

I was looking for a litter box with a cover and was worried that it'd be too small for my cat but it wasn't! Looks great would recommend it.

looks great and works great

Would recommend this box for anyone with either a big cat, or multiple cats!

This is a great cat box

Love the flip top easy access for scooping, & the front opening is a great size for my adult cats

At last, the right height for my high-sprayer

The 16+ inches high walls on the Flip Litter Box is exactly what I had been looking for. My high-sprayer cat can aim the equivalent of a high-lob tennis shot. Before finding this model, I thought I would have to purchase a storage box and get a side entry overture cut into it. I had been using a litter box with added extension side walls, and it was not working: every morning, I had to clean the extension and what had seeped in between it and the base box, as well as the droplets that spread about when lifting the extensions to get at wet joint area. Frustrating.
I don’t use the liner that comes with the Flip Litter Box. The basic high-walls box is what I wanted - simple, and easy to clean. And it is the right size to keep in what needs to be kept in.
And both my cats love the toy cardboard box that came with it!

Great litter box

My cats and I have been happy users of the Flip litter box for years and after moving to a new apartment, I decided to try the Tray model to prevent our new kitten from climbing over the edges to annoy our older cat. I love the Tray’s simple design, it’s easy to clean, the splash guard and walk-off platform help keep more litter inside the box. I love the fact that the box doesn’t get smelly thanks to liners, and all parts are really easy to clean. My cats still often love to jump out of the box and track litter outside but the litter box does its job well :) Oh, and the kitten loved the packaging that turned into an interactive toy!

Flip Litter Box
Xiqian W.

It's well designed and in good quality. The only pity is it's a bit small for my bengal kitten so I have the open the cover to use it.

Great Service

Extremely satisfied with the follow through on an order that was shorted one item. I received an immediate response to my email and a ship date.

Fantastic Product

This is my second Modkat product. The first one was the smaller version of the litter box. My cat wanted a bigger box and I was happy to see that Modkat made a larger version. The litter box looks great and keeps my house clean and tidy.

Flip Litter Box
caroline m.

I find this box very convenient. I have two in two houses. BUT I wish there were a way to secure the back of the cardboard flip liner. Litter escapes became the liner slumps down

Flip Litter Box
Maureen K.

Flip Litter Box

Litter Mat
Benjamin T.

Litter Mat

Best litter box ever!

I was unsure my 25 pound Maine Coon would be comfortable using this box and he absolutely does. I'm considering buying a 2nd one. Highly recommend this litter box!

Flip Litter Box
Not worth the money

One of our cats refused to use the box for about a week. When he did, he kicked piles of litter on the floor. The box is big, the flip lid isn’t that much easier to scoop, and the liner is difficult to clean. The box is open, doesn’t control smells. Maybe some sort of filter in a future iteration would be useful? I feel like I’m missing something because everyone else loves this box.

Love it. Kitten has no problem jumping in. Clean much less tracking Awesome cardboard recycle of cat interactive toy. !

Flip Litter Box
bobbie b.
really is worth it

I have two fat cats, and a litter box in the bathroom of a one bedroom apartment. Modkat is not cheap, but I really am very happy with it. The liner works well, it is easy removing urine with clumping litter from it (unlike a standard box, where it kinda sticks to the plastic). The top is nice, and forces one of my cats to do their business into the box, instead of the wrong way. Cats are always fussy beasts, but thankfully they adapted well to the Modkat. For my cats and I, well worth it.

Flip Litter Box
Karen S.
Litter box upgrade

I have purchased many litter boxes over the years at rather modest prices. I purchased two Modkat boxes which is the most I’ve ever spent on litter boxes and it’s worth it. Since they are located in one of my bathrooms, I wanted something attractive and they are. Best of all the litter stay pretty much contained in the boxes, so I have less litter on the floor. The boxes are very easy to clean. I have one big cat so the size of the box is important. Best of all, my three cats are happy!