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great litter box

it looks chic, good enough for ventilation. However with the hood cover, the height is bit short, my kitty has to stoop whenever he uses it It would be great if it is taller.

Love Modkat

Have two litter boxes that look good, liner system really easy to use and cleaner, and my boys love the litter being so light and less dusty!

modkat XL Litter Box

The idea of this box is better than actual box. I have a very large ragdoll cat so the size is great and I'm glad even though she enters from the front, there is still an opening at top which she really needs. The problem is the shelf that is supposed to snap on and act as a step and also should hold the liner in place: This piece is almost impossible to install and once I got it on it was completely wobbly and couldn't support her weight. So, I had to remove it and now all the litter is getting kicked outside of the box and also goes down between the liner and the box. Serious design flaw.

Simply the BEST

Love, love, love. It’s made my life so much better. And, clean up is really easy. I love how the liner helps keep the inside of the litter box easier to manage. The best is that things don’t start to smell as quick as other litter boxes.


Less mess and my cats love it!

Modkat XL Litter Box

Great except for the Odor Filter

Hi there,

We love the litter box, but the odor filter kit is impractical especially for a curious cat. Our cat Burt tore off the odor filter and shredded both charcoal pouches within the first week of having the litter box. I already sent a separate email asking for a refund for the odor filter kit. I think if you could "cat proof" the filter a bit, it would be great.

Thank you!


Flip Litter Box

The alpha poop box

Meowingtons and Kirby like to Superman out of their cat box after doing their business. Their old litter boxes used to explode litter everywhere and make my life miserable. We purchased the modcat XL and now -- thanks to it's superior engineering and dark magic -- the litter stays in the box. My quality of life has inched forward and I remind myself that Taylor Swift probably still uses a modcat too, which makes me feel like a celeb.

Happy Scooping Everyone

Love it!

So much easier to scoop. Thank you!!

Cool Box!

It looks cool and is very functional. We love it! We have two other Modkat boxes too

My cat loves it

My fussy cat has never pooped better, thanks. Modkat cube also prevents our dog from getting to our cat’s poops, to eat them. So that’s a design win I bet you never considered.

These are pretty good but they used to be better

I’ve had my Modkat litter box since March 2016. The liners used to be this blue material—kind of like a blue IKEA bag. This material was much thicker and seemed to stand up to more washings before getting stinky or threadbare. At some point, they switched to these grey ones. They’re thinner and start to stink much sooner. Obviously, I keep buying them because I love the design of the litter box...but the liners definitely need replacing more often and they ain’t cheap!

Modkat XL Litter Box

Modkat Tray
Best litter box ever!!!

I’ve been looking for a box with tall sides for a long time, and was hoping this box would be the answer for my cat missing the box and it is!!! Thank you Modkat for making a great litter box!

Flip Litter Box

Best Litter Box Ever!!!

This is without a doubt the most efficient little box and the best looking litter box. I have two young cats, with my old box there was litter all over the place I had to vacuum twice a day. Now there is almost no litter on the floor. I first got the original top entry and my kitties were not covering their deposits at all. I think this box should be a little longer rather than square so that the cats can maneuver easier inside the box. I have ordered the bigger one, which I will be using top entry as well. These boxes are very expensive but completely worth it! Modkat designers, cats are not square they are rectangular, please make the original box a little rectangular, then it Will be perfect!!!

Great products

I’ve had ModCloth products for over 2 years now for my cat and my mom finally joined the club and purchased another box for her two cats! The liners can be a bit pricey, but for the style and quality, they are worth it. Love!!

Purrfect Flip Box

Great box, roomy for large cats, super easy to clean and was a great way to transition from an open box to a covered box. Started with the top partially open for a week, then closed the lid and the cats are fine with it. Also an attractive litter box, as litter boxes go.

Modkat Tray
New box flare.

Awesome litter box with a high guard for those incessant diggers. Love how the litter box came with toy for my cat to play with super smart and reusable. Can't wait for more colors to come out.

Good litter box

This is actually my second XL modkat. I will say for the price I expected bigger ! However it is definitely bigger than any other top entry litter box I’ve come across , I have a high peer and two dogs who like to eat litter and this box takes care of both issues plus my 19 pound cat can use this where he couldn’t the others because they were to small. I like the look and the liners make it so easy for our weekly washing. Wonderful for a multi cat Household , high peer , large cats and litter eating dogs this is a great option solves them all plus looking nice.

Best box

This has been the best gift for my kitties and myself. The xl is super spacious for my cats and there comfortable while using it which is most important. What a great buy!

The best liner!

Easy to install and clean.

Modkat Liners (3-Pack) - Ships December 20th

Nice litter boxes

We have a family of 5 cats so these box’s awesome to place around the house, they look as nice as they function.

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