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Love this litter box!

I have a side pee-er, so I’ve been looking for a litter box like this for a long time now. It’s easy to clean, with and without tarp inside, and has an intelligent design. My only problem with it is my cat STILL found a way to pee outside of it- while standing in the box he (somehow) peed straight up and the pee went through the little holes on top and then all over the place. There’s no winning with him.

Love it!

I’m so happy with my purchase, litter clean up is a lot easier.

We love this. My only problem was pieces didn't originally fit together well and we had to be a bit forceful to get it to work. Also, the design of the scooper is a bit off. If I go to deep, I get litter in the handle and that can cause a mess when I dump the used litter.

Great product

My cats absolutely love it.

Pratique, joli, efficace

Notre chat n'a eu strictement aucun problème d'adaptation, il a été tout de suite dans son nouveau bac à litière (sans transférer de l'ancienne litière dedans). Nous avons opté pour Modkat parce que nous ne voulions plus de litière en dehors du bac, pari réussi ! (Mis à part un peu de litière que notre chat emmène sous ses pattes mais c'est normal). En plus, avec la grille au dessus, on ne voit plus trop dedans, ça fait plus propre. Très ravis !

Awesome liners!

Love the liners. Easy to keep the litter box clean and even easier when it's time to change the litter.

It's nice to look at, but that's it.

The size is nice and the design looks great, however I feel it's overpriced for a litter box, especially because litter still gets everywhere outside the box, and they claim litter-free floors.

Most amazing litter box ever!

This has been the best litter box I’ve ever had. No complaints whatsoever! Recommend it to everyone. Keeps the litter and smells well as my kitty loves perching on top of it. Pottiedin it, within the first minute. Two thumbs up!!!

Cats (and owner) love it

High quality product, our two kittens really have fun with both entrances. Produce is really good looking and perfect size for our two cats. We use clumping litter and they still make some mess but with the mat pretty much all stays around the area. As for the mat - i wish it was easier to clean it - it really traps the litter and you need to do a really good shake to get it out - or use a vaccum , but them you are wasting litter.

Problem Solved for PU Cat

This litter box was recommended to me by a friend. I choked on the price, but decided to go ahead and give it a try. BEST MONEY I'VE EVER SPENT on a litter box!!! One of my kitties had several urethral blockages which necessitated a PU (perineal urethrostomy) surgery, changing his anatomy. He doesn't squat to pee, he pees standing up like he did before, but because of the anatomy change his stream often goes over the top of most litter boxes (even the taller ones). This flip top Modkat box completely solves the problem. No more mopping for me!!! I couldn't be happier!

Odor Filter Kit

Love it

Recommended by several friends, was not disappointed. Thought it was the same as the cheaper knockoff versions on amazon...I didn’t realize how wrong I was. Worth the upgrade $.

Modkat XL

Overall satisfactory except it was a bit difficult to install the stepper even thought I followed the video demo.

Flip Litter Box
Three Kitty's give three paws up

I must admit I had my doubts spending this much for litter boxes but it's money well spent! I did not think the liner would hold up to my power scratcher. Modkat is a ' Super Kat '!

Love it!

I have three cats spanning from 6 months to 12 years in age. All three prefer this box over the others. I have one cat that likes to pee standing up, and finding a box tall enough has been a challenge (we've had to create our own boxes out of extra large storage bins to accommodate, and he generally refuses to use anything with a lid.) I was pleasantly surprised to find that even he prefers this box!

Great liners

I ordered the 3 pack of liners. They arrived on time, there were 3 in the pack. They line the cat box as described and are identical to the one that came with my Modkat XL. I am very satisfied with my purchase.


Great my cat she’s love it

Great Litter Box

It’s a great litter box but way overpriced.

Happy with purchase!

I'm usually one to research hours upon hours when purchasing items, and I'm so glad I came across modkatz! A little pricey but worth it for our cat!

I bought the above entry to keep the dogs away and the dogs dont ever go near it anymore which makes this in my situation the best litter box! Ymmv for bigger dogs I have a pom and chi.

A+ product!

brushless scoop

There is not like original one that comes with litter box.

Modkat Tray
High sided Litter box

This is a perfect solution to my problem. One of my cats was continually spreading liter outside the box due to the low sides. The high guards that go around the box really work very well, and have saved me a lot of extra clean-up.

Great design makes it easy to use

We have 4 large cats and the Modkat has been a very welcomed addition to our daily chore of box cleaning. Could not be happier.

Flip Liners-3 Pack

Modkat Litter Box (White)

Great product and really fast delivery. The only issue I found comparing to older models is that the side holding tab is bigger and it doesn't close automatically after cleaning.

Happy cats happy people

After more than 20 years with cats we found ourselves with a side-peerer. He would shoot over the edge of boxes without tops. And boxes with tops have a seam that would funnel all the liquid into a puddle under the box. Puzzled on what to do we searched the internet and found Modkat. Beautiful design and dry floors! Thank you!

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