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Redo cardboard liners.

My male cats pee in the corners and even with the correct amount of litter it gets wet and deteriorates. It’s a big mess. I have resorted to garbage bags.

Best Purchase Possible!

My wife and I adopted our first cat last week and he absolutely loves this litter box. He doesn’t like it covered, no surprise, but he likes how high the sides are and has used it since the day we brought him home. We love the easy to clean liners and how little litter gets outside of the box when he buries his business.

Best litter box ever.

The Modkat Flip Litter box is so cool. Aspen kitty, who is very particular about where she does business, loved it right away. She actually played with the toy box a few times. You really came up with a great design that is aesthetically pleasing. I’ve bought many litter box styles, this one is the best. Thank you!

Cats LOVE the scratch loungers!

My cats LOVE the scratch loungers and I love how quickly they came.
Bonus: My shy cat now comes to sit with the family when we are watching TV which she never did before.
Very happy with the product and the service.
Thank you.

Love this litter box!

I have a few friends who have used this litter box, and I loved how smart the design is for cleaning.
My cat took right to the box - I’ve noticed he doesn’t dash out now like he did with the open litter box we used to have. I also appreciated how one of the cardboard boxes can be repurposed into a cat toy. So cute!!!

The Best

Love the lining and how the lid opens. Easy to scoop. Need extra hooks.

Effective, but room for improvement

Good sized box for a 7lb cat, and does really well preventing litter from being kicked everywhere.

However, it does not look as nice in person. The splash guard is not a great fit, and there are visible gaps and bends to get it in place. The liners are ok, but overpriced and also loose fitting.

Inexpensive, disposable liners and better fitting splash guard would take this to a 5.

Best litter box I've tried.

I love the feature of the foldable lid. Great to not have to remove a top to get to the litter to scoop it. It looks good; doesn't look like any other litter box.


I imagine thé front entry mode is nice but I bought it for the top entry feature and my cats don’t like entering and exiting that way. I have four cats and five litter boxes and none of the cats choose to use the Modkat when given the choice. I tried it with and without the lid, hoping that might help. In watching the cats, I think they dislike the narrow plastic ridge around the top of the box, it doesn’t seem comfortable on the paws when exiting from the top. I really wanted to love this and reduce the amount of litter tracking - I will watch for new designs in the future.

Great scratcher!

My cat loves this scratcher in addition to his vertical options. It is an excellent density for his scratches, and he also likes to loaf on it. Were I to go back in time, I probably would have opted for the larger one, as he is a big cat, but otherwise I am very pleased!

Great for large cats

Purchased this extra large box to accommodate a 16 lb + cat. Already had two regular size Modcat boxes for my two cats, which I scoop a couple of times a day, but my big guy was still sometimes pooping on the mat. This is a very large, attractive box, which has really helped. Only down side is that it is pretty expensive. Also, prefer not to use the bag inserts Easy to scoop and clean without them.

Litter Keeper
Jennifer B.
Pretty and functional

I've tried a few different brands and this is by far the nicest. I really like that special order bags aren't necessarily required and I think my favorite feature is the flap to pour the scoop down. One flaw I've noticed is that, at least for me, the litter tends to collect on one side when I use the flap so the bag seems to fill up faster than it should. Opening the top fully solves this problem though, so not a deal breaker by any means. Overall very happy with the litter keeper.

2 Cats Love

We were having issues with our older cat peeing on the side of the litter box and sometimes outside the box (over the edge). We got two of these and the cats love them. The issue with the older cat missing the box is gone. The sides are so high, he doesn't miss. The cats have a third litter box (the old one) and they ignore it now. We're probably going to get a third one of these. Highly recommend.

enough space for her to wiggle

Testing this litter box right now, love it, may need to buy another one if there’s a promotion.

A great buy when on sale

Sturdily built and the design is neat

Meets Expectations

This product walks the walk meeting expectations from the advertising and customer reviews. By leaving half the box top open, our side peeing cat now sits when she pees. Very satisfied.

XL Top Entry Liners - Type C (3-pack)

Too Expensive!

Kind of cheaply made considering the hefty price tag. But I like it

Prompt Service

We received the new liners and replacement hooks quickly, in time to avoid any problems with our cat.

First Modkat purchase

The litter box is great. It was very easy to assemble, we like the sleek design, liner and charcoal to minimize odors and maximize cleanliness. The toy box was a nice plus.

Purrfect Litter Box

My kitten instantly used the litter. It's the perfect size and easy to clean. I am considering of purchasing another.


I am having difficulty assembling it. Can you provide me with a telephone number where I can obtain some help? Thank you!

Hi Debra, here's a helpful quick start video with instructions: https://help.modkat.com/help/how-do-i-set-it-up-the-modkat-tray
We have followed up via email as well to ensure your box is up and running asap :)


This thing is modern day litter box purrfection!


Everything about the design of this box is outstanding, including the scooper. The cats love it, the humans love it, and most importantly, our “high-pee-er” has had no accidents since we switched. Great for everyone all around!

Cats are in Love

This is our second Modkat. Bought the taller XL because our cats love to toss litter as an Olympic event. This seems to have helped with the litter cat-astrophe Make sure you order the correct liners as there are different XL liners available and I ordered the wrong ones.