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The best litter boxes + litter liners!

The ModKat litter liners work incredibly well with the brilliantly designed ModKat litter boxes. Thank you so much for designing such a great product for both the kitties & the people who love them!

The Golden Throne of Litter Boxes

This box is heavy-duty PVC, similar to modern laundry sinks. It has square corners which makes it extremely easy to clean while sifting through the litter, along with the flip top full opening. The removable/optional liner is also heavy weight, similar to more expensive plastic tarps, and easily cleaned with a wipe. Since there are no seams, it’s the perfect box for large cats that don’t squat! The only drawback for me is my furbabby & I are frequent travelers, and I have to lift & carry the box with 30 lbs of litter, and have to take extra care to keep the box squared. Since it appears to be quite durable, I’m confident of many years of use at home and on our road trips.

Best Litterbox!

My cat has a tendency to tinkle against the back of the box. 2 piece high back litter box didn't work because urine would leak through. We then had a top open box, but he's getting old and starting to have difficulty getting in and out. This one is PERFECT! High back and sides that keeps litter contained, opening in the front which makes it easy to get in and out. Flip top makes it VERY easy to scoop and clean. Best litter box ever!


Great item, but it took a long time to receive it.

Best litter box!

My kitty loves this litter box. i love it too, because of the seamless design there is no mess. Sleek design. I highly recommend.


Amazing!!! The best litter box hands down - it's worth it!!!!


Looks good, works well. A bit expensive but worth the money. I just wish it had handles on both sides rather than just one. But I move it before cleaning it each day, which most people probably don’t do.

Modkat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box

My cat loves this box

And I do too. Roomy enough for her to circle and find" just the right spot". The door is high enough that the litter stays in. And it is so easy to clean . 5 stars for sure

Flip Litter Box

Excellent Cat Box.... Solve many of our problems

This is the second Modkat cat box we have purchased for a second home. We are believers. Durable, quality, solves cat missing the target in te box.

Litter Box

These are great litter boxws. We have 3 of them.

Modkat Litter Box


Great design , super functional and easy to clean.

Best litter box yet

Cat took to box with some hesitation, now I think she is very comfortable so I always check there when I can’t find her. I use pretty litter and it is a blessing that they both work in unison to make my job easier. Thanks modkat

Perfect Litter Box

Both cats love both of their boxes. They’re easy to clean, keep the smell down, and kept the mess to a minimum. Highly recommended!


Best purchase yet

Not only do I love this litter box, Miss Bree loves it better, No litter on my floors. She has the privacy she needs. Excellent design

Excellent replacement liners

Made exceptionally well.

Modkat Liner Refills (3-Pack)

Great product and service

Reliable, economical, and ecological!

These liners last and they help reduce waste going to landfills, which is all kinds of win. I now dump litter to a small waste can and cover it so I can am not tossing out a plastic bad every time I change the box, but only every three of so. That's a small improvement but the small improvements add up. Thank you! Now if we could just a get a service that does anaerobic digesting of litter . . .

Poop Scoop

Delivered quickly

Modkat Tray
I know another 5 stars

I have 3 cats and picked up 2 trays.... Before my floor was a mess of litter and pee. Now it's almost spotless. And bonus litter doesn't stick to the bottom

I thought they'd be good but they've exceeded expectations

Flip Litter Box - Refurbished

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