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  • Walk-off Platform

    For use with Modkat XL and Modkat Tray. The Walk-Off Platform is designed to keep litter scatter in check, while securing the front of the liner.


    Note: The Walk-off Platform has been updated and is not compatible with some older versions of the Modkat XL and Modkat Tray. If you're uncertain which version you have please contact Modkat Support for assistance.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Awesome Replacement Parts - Just Missing A One!

    I have the large tray modkat litter box, which I love. After losing a few parts in a recent move, I decided to order a replacement parts including a tray splash guard, splash guard clips, and the walk-off platform. ModKat only sent the splash guard and splash guard clips, leaving off the walk-off platform. I'm really happy with the parts I did receive as they were easy to replace and now our litter box is good as new, however, my order was incomplete so that part was a tad bit frustrating.

    Hi Chris, sorry about this! We're emailing you directly to ensure your walk-off platform is received asap!

    Kellie B.
    Best Cat Box

    My cats 🐈 love this box so much I bought another. Truly mod, clean design but also high-functionality/get the job done practicality.

    Chris M.

    Did not work on my modkat litter box. It would have been nice for someone to review my order and notice that I could have saved $20.00. Or, state the litter boxes it would fit, maybe I just missed that little fact.