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Litter Keeper

    • Stores up to 2 weeks of clumps
    • Foot pedal operation
    • Integrated carrying handle
    • Integrated odor control filter
    • Door lock to keep curious kids out
    • Removable liner bucket with handles
    • Works with Modkat Liners - Type H, or common grocery bags
    • Includes Modkat Slotted Scoop, 10x Liners, 2x Odor Filters
    •  14 D x 12 W x 17.5 H inches
    • Depth x Width x Height
      14.0 x 12.0 x 17.5H in.
      36 x 30.5 x 44.5H cm
    • Compartment capacity
      7 Liters
    • Weight
      5lbs (2.3kg)
    • Litter Keeper (PP)
    • Removable Liner Bucket (LLDPE)
    • Modkat Slotted Scoop (PP)
    • 10x Liners - Type H (60% recycled HDPE)
    • 2x Odor Filters (100% Natural Bamboo Charcoal)

The purr-fect companion.

A clean litter box is key to a happy, healthy cat. Placing a Modkat Litter Keeper next to your litter box makes it convenient to scoop daily — and way more likely that you'll do so. Use the included scoop to sift clumps, and deposit up to two weeks worth in the Litter Keeper's airtight base. The familiar grocery bag-like liners stay secure in the removable bucket, and their handles tie off for easy disposal on trash day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Jolynn W.
Modcat Litter Keeper

I wanted to love this sooooo much, however, I think it needs a couple of tweaks to earn a 5 star rating. First as many others have commented, the scoop is way too big to work efficiently with the hole on top of the lid. It barely fits which causes litter to get on top of the lid every single time. Secondly, the lid mechanism is a little clunky, sometimes it gets stuck and you have to force it down. What I really like are the liners and how it contains smells for up to two weeks - it does that perfectly and you can use your own plastic grocery bags too if you desire. I hope that Modcat makes a couple tweaks, then this would be 5 Star PLUS!!

Jennifer B.
Pretty and functional

I've tried a few different brands and this is by far the nicest. I really like that special order bags aren't necessarily required and I think my favorite feature is the flap to pour the scoop down. One flaw I've noticed is that, at least for me, the litter tends to collect on one side when I use the flap so the bag seems to fill up faster than it should. Opening the top fully solves this problem though, so not a deal breaker by any means. Overall very happy with the litter keeper.

Sandra g.

My cat loves his new litter keeper. He quickly understood how it worked and entered and used it. It is so easy to keep immaculately clean and has no odar. We both love it.

Susan B.
Litter Keeper Container

I love this container for my cats litter. It is a great size and can hold a lot. if I had one negative it would be that some of the litter in the scoop ends up on the plastic part where the opening to the bag is and you have to end up wiping that part after using a tissue to get it down into the bag. it is like the scoop is too big

John M.C.
Litter Keeper suggestion

Difficult to deposit soft clumping litter into the chute. Either needs a wider chute or a narrower scoop. Currently I raise the inner lid to deposit into the bin.

Otherwise a well made item, as expected from Modkat.