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Toys, gadgets, and games for cats.

Toys, gadgets, and games for cats.

Playing with your cat means more than fun and games. It means human-feline bonding. It means enhancing your cat’s physical and cognitive health. And mostly? It means getting to see our cats pull off amazing stunts and astonish us with just how smart they are.

Check out these affordable toys, gadgets, and games you and your cat can enjoy together.

  • Empty Boxes 
    The most popular cat toys ever. Put a ball in one, and watch your cat bat it around. You can even make an entire
    maze out of boxes if you feel so inclined.
  • Trixie Fun Board Strategy Game 
    Does you cat seem intellectually inclined? Want to stimulate her brain? Try a cat puzzle like this one. It trains your cat to develop skills, engages her mental powers, and generally improves her temperament. See what 
    cat strategy in action looks like.
  • The Ripple Rug 
    Like a feline version of Twister, this toy can get your cat contorted into all sorts of hilarious positions. And like Twister, it’s more fun with two. Check out 
    this video of Instagram cat celebrities Marmalade & Cole having the time of their lives with a Ripple Rug.
  • Da Bird 
    For cats who’ve always wanted their very own bird to play with, Da Bird provides a realistic but cruelty-free alternative. Buy it on Amazon for a few bucks, or make your own with a stick, a string, and a feather. Just
    be sure to put this toy away when you aren’t in sight.
  • The Shell Game 
    Dating back to ancient Greece, the shell game never gets old. With a little patience, you can 
    teach your cat to play. A bell ball or a ping pong ball works best when getting started.
  • Hide and Seek 
    Some animals LOVE this game. Cats especially enjoy it since they can feel like they are stalking you (the hider) as their prey. Be careful. Cats are crafty creatures. One may be ready to fall like a bolt of lightning from above right now.
  • Ping Pong 
    Many cats get a kick out of observing two humans spar in a game of table tennis, but did you know cats enjoy playing with ping pong balls, too? Try dropping one
    or severalin an empty bathtub. Watch your cat go bonkers trying to catch those slick little projectiles.

Super fun stuff you can do with senior cats, blind cats, and cats with hearing impairments

We know not every cat is frisky. Maybe you’ve got a cat with some age on her or a kitty with disabilities. These animals can still have (and be!) tons of fun.

  • Elderly cats aren’t that different from their younger counterparts, just a little slower. Try the toys that mimic birds or mice, cat brain teasers, and catnip-laced playthings. And who says you can’t teach an old cat new tricks?
  • Once considered unadoptable, blind cats now find themselves welcome in many cat-loving homes. These kitties love crinkly balls, tinkly bells, and other toys they can hear. One blind cat called Murdoch loves to play with refrigerator magnets. But then, Murdoch is Superman. (Did youwatch those? All the feels, right?)
  • Deaf cats can play with all the standard cat toys. In fact, they may need access to more of them than a hearing cat would since deafness significantly reduces their external stimulation.

Keep your cat healthy and happy with an exciting and safe game time. If you have a favorite YouTube video of cats playing or you know a trick or two you’d like to teach us, let us know! 🐈