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    Modkat XL
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    Modkat XL
    Type D (Front-Entry)

  • Modkat Tray Liners - Type G (3-pack)

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  • Reviews

    Based on 12789 reviews
    Great so far

    so far the cat box is living up to its reputation. nicely compact. love the magnetic lid. dust levels are down. waiting to see how well the liner cleans up.

    Our cats love them

    They look good too.

    Just what we needed

    The Modcat box is excellent quality and looks nice, something I never expected to say about a littler box! Our cat is loving the box toy that came as an extra!


    Timely delivery. Liners work very well.

    Cat's Love It, But Too, Too Small

    A while back, I purchased a new Flip litter box, and it's awesome. And, as a bonus, it came with a Cat Toy Box, which held the additional supplies for the litter box, and my two cats absolutely love it. But, of course, being card board, they eventually wore it down. (It took a while, and our one boy who loves it most is a rather LARGE boy!) So I bought this 3-pack, but I was disappointed that these Cat Toy Boxes are so small––half the size of the one that came with the Flip! Needless to say, my boys destroyed the first one in a day, and now I just have the busted up old one, which I've been taping back together numerous times) and the busted first of three in the 3-pack on the floor, and it's just sad! They still love them, but they can't play with the ball inside because the boxes are basically crushed!

    I do wish that Modkat would put up for sale the larger version that comes with litter boxes, as they seem to be made of stronger material and are more the size of my two cats. I'd happily pay $20 for a 2-pack of those rather than a 3-pack of the smaller ones currently for sale.

    Way too expensive for what it is.

    Title says it all. I thought the box would feel luxe or something but it's just a normal litter box.

    Best litter box yet!

    We have tried MANY different open-top litter boxes for our two cats, and this is the best one we’ve used. It keeps the litter scatter to a minimum (one of our cats is a big kicker), and the liner makes it easy to scoop and keep clean. We are delighted with this box and highly recommend it!

    Modkat XL Litter Box
    Stephanie V.
    My cat loves it!

    Only had it for a few weeks but so far it’s great! my cat loves it and it’s nice and roomy. Not an eyesore and tall enough to contain my litter kicking kitty’s mess

    All I have to say AMAZING!!!! Great buy!!!! No issues at all. I love the fact that I can get replacement parts if needed instead of throwing it away. Great company!!!!

    Mod Cat Flip Top

    The best purchase ever.

    These things are worth their weight in gold - 5 stars isn’t enough.
    It has made cleaning the litter box a breeze & the box itself still looks as good now as it did when I purchased it well over a year ago.
    They last a good long while as well. I don’t remember the recommendation for how often to change them, but I’ve found for our cats, I usually change the liner every 4th full litter dump/new bag.

    Great Liners

    Super happy with my ModKat litter box. 3 years and still going strong. The liners are the best. Love the ease of use. Super easy to clean.

    Best scratcher

    These are terrific— My adult cats vie to sit on the contoured surface , and my foster kittens crawl through over and around the tunnels. They have plenty of scratching surfaces , are sturdy and long lasting. I’ve already gifted a set to my cousins.

    Cat scratcher loungers

    My cats have loved these. They immediately took to them. Great quality.

    Modkat Flip Litter Box

    Love this product and my cats do too!


    The product is fine but I placed my order on March 23rd, 2024. I followed 10 days after the order was placed for a shipping update. My order was finally received April 11th.


    After years of going thru cat pan after cat pan, Modkat saved the day. We love the litter box for it's ability to keep a majority of the litter in. I love the height of the box since one of our cats is what we call a "high flyer" when it comes to urine. It's super easy to clean and always stays fresh. The design is modern and sleek. The best part, our two cats adapted easily with no hesitation.

    Love it - works just fine

    I like this litter box as it keeps my dog out of the litter. Minimal litter scatter on floor. Well packaged, prompt delivery.

    Perfectly simple

    After extensive research and debate, I decided to purchase the Modkat litter box instead of an automated solution, and I'm thrilled with my choice. The high sides, liner, and lid address most of my issues. The result is a cleaner and better-looking bathroom space for my beloved furball. I was so pleased that I bought a second box, a litter pail, and a litter mat; they are all great products!

    Litter Mat
    Cat L.
    Effective at controlling spread, creases never go away

    The Modkat litter mat is effective at reducing the spread of cat litter, but I don’t like how it’s folded for shipment. Customer support claimed that the creases will dissipate with time but they haven’t.

    They should ship the mat rolled instead of folded.

    Litter Keeper
    Kathleen H.
    Dirty litter pail

    The product is fantatic

    Stylish and perfect for high peeing cats

    I have three male cats who pee rather high for normal litter boxes or liter robot models. This is perfect for them and also already has cut down on the tracking and smell.

    Containment Box

    I have two cats that really know how to kick out the litter. I needed the higher walls to keep the litter from being spread around the room, and this box is doing the job. I also like the liner feature. The urine soaked clumps are so much easier to remove from the corners and edges! Excellent idea.

    Cat Toy Box (3-Pack)