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How to get your cat to sleep with you.

January 13, 2019 3 min read

How to get your cat to sleep with you.

If you don’t have allergies or a compromised immune system, sleeping with your cat is certainly OK. In fact, it can be awesome!

More than half of all animal parents in the U.S. sleep with their four-legged companion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some kitties enjoy sleeping with people and will stay put until morning arrives. Others, however, are just too active at night and don’t make good sleep partners.

If you have a cat that sleeps with you through the night, you can appreciate the benefits like being able to share the warmth of cuddling, relieving stress after a long day, and nurturing the bond between you and your kitty.

When a cat suddenly starts sleeping with you, it’s likely because he’s come to trust you and enjoys sharing space with you. The bond between kitty and human is clearly being established, and that has to make you feel you’re doing something right. If you’d like to lure your cat to sleep with you and keep her there for the night, you’ll need to establish a routine and that will take patience and consistency.

Here are eight things to try to get your cat to sleep with you at night:

  1. Encourage playtime during the day so your cat will be tired in the evenings. When you’re away at work, leave your cat’s favorite toys out so he can access them easily. Provide toys that allow your cat to climb, crawl through, and explore, such as cat towers or tents.
  2. Just before bedtime, sit down with your kitty and engage with her for 10 to 15 minutes. That way, you’ll tire her out and signal bedtime at the same time, helping establish that bedtime routine.
  3. Set dinner time for your cat later in the evening. Kitties are typically ready to sleep after a full meal and will be likely to settle more easily into bed with you.
  4. Place a perch near your bed so your cat has the option of relocating if he wakes in the middle of the night. Some cats prefer to sleep up high where they can keep an eye on their surroundings.
  5. Use a cat treat or catnip to draw your cat into your bed for some cuddle time. Don’t be annoyed if your kitty decides to leave soon thereafter. Some cats simply have short attention spans and may choose not to stick around.
  6. Lay out a soft blanket on your bed. Cats are attracted to clean and soft surfaces. A freshly laundered blanket might be the thing that keeps your kitty in place for the night.
  7. If your cat tends to show up in the middle of the night long after you’ve drifted off, you can reward her appearance with a hidden treat. Place it within the folds of a blanket, for example, so she can discover it on her own without waking you. Anticipating the discovery of a treat in your bed could encourage her to settle in each night.

If you do choose to let your cat sleep with you at night, crack the door so your kitty can access its water, food, and litter box. Scatter a few toys just outside your door as well in case your cat wakes looking for something to do.

Keep in mind your cat’s paws can be dirty, especially if they ever go outdoors (not recommended). For an indoor cat, be sure to keep the litter box scooped daily and cleaned regularly to cut back on the risks there as well. You'll also want to brush your cat regularly and treat her for fleas and ticks.

Snoozing with your cat can give both you and your feline friend a sense of security and that might help you both sleep better! Interacting with your cat lowers blood pressure and your heart rate, which helps you relax even more. If sleeping with your cat is something you desire, you can create the perfect nighttime environment for you and kitty with a little patience and a few tricks. 🐈

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