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  • 12 Ways to spoil your cat on National Cat Day.

    12 Ways to spoil your cat on National Cat Day. - Modkat

    Cats have a way of turning our hearts into mush. They’re fluffy, cuddly, fun to watch and make napping look ever so adorable even when they’re curled up in a ball, hanging precariously off the back of the sofa or sprawled on their backs with paws in the air.

    They eat, sleep, and play all day. You’ve dreamt of such a life. Since it's National Cat Day today, your feline friend will no doubt maintain the status quo, oblivious to this national holiday founded to recognize the numbers of cats in need of a rescue. But there are ways you can celebrate your cat’s life and the lives of other kitties on this special day.

    If you’re like most cat parents, who are completely smitten by their kitties, lavishing them with treats, toys, and undivided attention is relatively easy. For cat lovers, doing something extra special needs no twisting of arms.

    Ever wonder how the rich and famous spoil their cats? Take German artist and creative director, Karl Lagerfeld. His white Siamese cat Choupette can use an iPad, sleeps on a pillow, and has two maids that track Choupette’s every movement.

    Then there’s Taylor Swift and her cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, who share their singing parent’s jet-set lifestyle, traveling in custom-made carriers and appearing in Diet Coke ads with the pop star.

    Katy Perry is another celebrity who enjoys pampering her cat, Kitty Purry. Perry brings her cat along on luxury vacations and claims her cat is a great boyfriend substitute. Bet Kitty Purry is a pate and caviar kind of cat!

    For these famous cats, it’s likely National Cat Day every day of the year. You may not be as extravagant or able to pull off some of the same feats as these famous cat parents, but any gesture--big or small--can make a difference on this day set aside to honor the enigmatic feline.
    Here are our top 12 tips to help you spoil a cat today:

    1. Prepare some healthy cat treats made with ingredients like tuna, salmon, catnip, chicken, or cheddar.
    2. Commission a local artist to paint a portrait from a beloved photo of your kitty and hang it in your home or office. You might also consider having the portrait painted or imprinted on a pillow or T-shirt.
    3. Buy a new cat toy. Cats love lasers. This one, the FIRIK automatic rotating interactive light toy, will have your kitty bouncing around for hours.
    4. Make your feline the king of the castle with the My Kitty Darling Castle, a cat condo that features hanging toys, platforms to explore, and holes for hiding.
    5. Cats love hanging out by the window, where they can watch bugs and birds or soak up the sun. Provide them with a comfortable vantage point with a Kitty Cot cat perch.
    6. Put up some shelving so your kitty can hover overhead. Cats are naturally drawn to high places and will surely make this new spot a preferred place to nap.
    7. Treat your kitty to a spa-like experience. Brush her to remove loose fur and eliminate hairballs. If your cat is in the mood and will permit you to do so, spend some time massaging and petting, scratching behind the ears or stroking her body from its head to the tip of her tail.
    8. Hire a professional photographer for a photo shoot for your kitty.
    9. Because your cat loves napping, provide more places for him to curl up around the house. Set out pet beds in different spots since cats tend to find the most unusual places to slumber.
    10. If cats had their way, they’d prefer to be outdoors. Since they’re safer indoors, bring the outdoors in by creating a catio or a safe environment that incorporates elements of nature like kitty-safe plants, window views, and cat-friendly furniture.
    11. Don’t have a cat? What better way to celebrate the day than by adopting one! According to the Humane Society of the United States, between six and eight million animals enter shelters every year. Of those, 3.4 million are cats. Rescue one today!
    12. Not ready to make a commitment? Consider donating blankets, food, and toys to animal welfare organizations or volunteer at your local shelter. The caged animals are hungry for human interaction and could use the extra love while they wait for their forever families.

    No matter how you choose to celebrate National Cat Day, be sure to do something to help your friendly feline stay happy and healthy. 🐈

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”