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  • Modkat XL Top Entry Liners - Type C (3-pack)

    Modkat XL
    Type C (Top-Entry)

  • Modkat XL Front Entry Liners - Type D (3-pack)

    Modkat XL
    Type D (Front-Entry)

  • Modkat Tray Liners - Type G (3-pack)

    Type G

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  • Modkat XL Litter Box

      • Top-entry, front-entry or dual-entry configurations
      • 3-position lid for easy access
      • Full height base prevents leaks
      • Perfect for side pee-ers!
      • Reusable liners last up to 3 months
      • Reduces litter tracking
      • Hanging ergonomic scoop
      • Largest top-entry box on the market
      •  21 L x 16.3 W x 17 H inches
      • Length x Width x Height
        21.0 x 16.3 x 17.0 in.
        (53.3 x 41.3 x 43.2cm)
      • Liner height
        14.5in. (36.8cm)
      • Top-entry width
        10.25in. (26.0cm)
      • Front-entry width
        8.25in. (21.0cm)
      • Front-entry height from floor
        6.25in. (15.9cm)
      • Weight
        9.0lbs (4.0kg)
        The lid can support up to 30lbs (13kg)
        The walk-off platform can support up to 20lbs (10kg)
      • Seamless base with removable lid frame
      • Liner Hooks
      • Modkat Scoop
      • Swiveling 3-position lid
      • Front-entry kit
        • Reusable Liner (D)
        • Walk-off platform
        • Top entrance cover
      • Top-entry kit
        • Reusable Liner (C)
        • Front entrance cover

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1896 reviews
    Stephanie V.
    My cat loves it!

    Only had it for a few weeks but so far it’s great! my cat loves it and it’s nice and roomy. Not an eyesore and tall enough to contain my litter kicking kitty’s mess


    All I have to say AMAZING!!!! Great buy!!!! No issues at all. I love the fact that I can get replacement parts if needed instead of throwing it away. Great company!!!!


    After years of going thru cat pan after cat pan, Modkat saved the day. We love the litter box for it's ability to keep a majority of the litter in. I love the height of the box since one of our cats is what we call a "high flyer" when it comes to urine. It's super easy to clean and always stays fresh. The design is modern and sleek. The best part, our two cats adapted easily with no hesitation.

    My cats love it!

    This litterbox has made a very non-fun chore a breeze! The hinged top makes it very easy to get into and the scoop works great. I love how neatly it fits into slot on the box. My only complaint is that the assembly instructions were confusing.

    Large size is great

    Got this larger size for my big cat and it’s great. The only part I wish was different is that the top lid were for the whole unit to pull open for cleaning. Instead it’s a half lid. Otherwise it’s great.