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Litter Boxes
  • Modkat XL
    Front/Top-Entry Litter Box

  • Modkat Top-entry Litter Box

    Top-Entry Litter Box

  • Flip
    Front-Entry Litter Box

  • Tray
    Open Litter Box

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  • Litter Keeper
    Two colors

  • Lounge + Play
    Scratchers & toys

  • Litter Mats
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    For a tidy litter area

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  • Liners
  • Modkat Litter Box Liner Type-A

    Type A

  • Litter box Liners

    Type F

  • Modkat XL Top Entry Liners - Type C (3-pack)

    Modkat XL
    Type C (Top-Entry)

  • Modkat XL Front Entry Liners - Type D (3-pack)

    Modkat XL
    Type D (Front-Entry)

  • Modkat Tray Liners - Type G (3-pack)

    Type G

  • All Liners

  • Flip Paperboard Liner Band

    Required when using the Flip Paperboard Liner.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 230 reviews
    Jennie E.
    Have not received!

    It’s been a long time. Not here yet.
    Not happy.

    Hi Jennie, we apologize for the delay as your tracking number shows the delivery is scheduled for today. We are emailing you directly as well :)

    Kathleen J.H.

    Proactive, superb customer service & quality products! Thank you!

    Mir M.
    Didn’t even last a week.

    Love my Modkat litter box. Due to a move to a smaller space, I purchased these liners in hopes that they would work better for us than the tarp style liners. Got it all set up, filled to the line and didn’t last 3 days until my cat ripped up the bottom. So bummed as I purchased 12 of them. Hopefully they hold up better as we move through them. Also, not for suitable for cars who pee high, so not only does pee get up and behind, it gets trapped between the liner and the stabilizing rind. The tarp style were perfect for than. Really disappointed in my purchase

    Charles M.
    Easy to use liners

    We love to use these liners for our Modkat litter box.

    Rob R.
    Not for "high pee'ers" with the litter tray

    I can't comment on the liners yet because I just started using them. However with the litter tray they are a little too small so that there is a gap of about 1/2" between the liner/ring and back wall of the tray. So with the modkat back splash, if your cat pees high like ours does, urine will hit that and run down the box and behind the liner. For now I stuffed the space with a pee pad. I'll have to see if I can rig something else up to divert the urine back into the box but honestly this is a huge design flaw.