Flip Paperboard Liner Band

Required when using the Flip Paperboard Liner.


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Elizabeth w.
Bought more liners because I love your litter boxes

I am a huge fan and love how easy it is to do a deep clean of the litter box with your biodegradable cardboard liners. They last a long time and like everything Modkat puts out they along with the boxes look great.

Barbara D.
Could have better instructions

So so. It seems to work, but the band that keeps it in place is hard to fit. And it wasn't easy to pull out the litter with the paper filter. I thought it should be designed so that you could fold it up more neatly. Good idea, but your designers could tweak this to be better

sister h.r.
Modern design, space saver

Purchased the flip top litter box. My 12 y/o cat took to it immediately. Liners are excellent. So glad I tried it. Would recommend highly.

Em K.
Not coated enough

I’ve used five of the six liners and it always ends the same way: soaked in pee. The first time I thought it was a fluke and that I just needed to scoop more often. I can make some last longer than others, but the last one I had to change after two days!! I spent too much on some cardboard and a plastic dealie to hold it in with. These are probably great if you only have one cat but I don't recommend for mutli-cat households.

Paperboard liners are much better than I expected!

I am a fan of the flip top litter box that I have, but the reusable grey tarp-like liner didn't work for me. I live in an apartment and do not have facilities to clean the liner the way I would really like.

Enter the paper liner. I was slightly skeptical at first, "Paper??"

I learned it is not really "paper" but more like the coated, heavy-duty, bakery box cardboard. The paper does not seem to absorb odors like the grey liner, and I can throw it all out at once instead of spending time trying to clean the box *AND* the liner. I've been using them for at least 2 years now.

15 out of 10