Tray Splash Guard

Replacement part for the Modkat Tray. Clips are NOT included.

  • Adds 6" to the height of the Modkat Tray.
  • Overall length when opened up flat - 47.125" (120cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Guadalupe M.R.

Tray Splash Guard

Scott F.
Cardboard needed!

Like other reviewers! I had to modify my triangular litter boxes, but they still work great, even with cats who like to paw at the walls. I need to re-fasten a clip now and again, but overall I am pleased. Well worth the money.

Tina M.
Served its purpose well!

The splash guard did awesome for my cat with an elevator butt! She misses the box all the time until now!

Tesstara W.
Mudcat splash guard

This set up for a cat litter box is the best I’ve seen in my entire life. Instead of throwing out an old plastic cat litter pan because it is too stinky...... this is perfect. I have a cat who stands up to pee so the splash guard is so important to me. Every three months I replace the liner. Every six months I replace the splashguard. Most people probably don’t do this though I am anal and my cat box does not smell at all.

Chaille P.
Fits great!

I have a large round cat box and it wraps stone with no problem