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  • Can you walk your cat?

    Can you walk your cat? - Modkat

    Since the New York Times published its famous article “Nine Lives, One Leash” back in 2011, many of us have been discussing the advantages and disadvantages of walking our cats. Does taking a cat for a walk help alleviate indoor boredom, or are the potential risks greater than the benefits?

    We researched the best information on taking your cat for a walk, and here’s what we found:



    • It's great exercise, helping your cat stay healthy.
    • It gives your cat the opportunity to smell fresh-mown grass, hear the birds chirp, and feel the breeze in their fur.
    • If you want an adventurous cat to go hiking, camping, or boating, leash training is essential.
    • For cats with Manx syndrome and certain other illnesses, walking is crucial for pain management and mobility therapy.
    • Cat walking is fun!



    • Cats can escape easily.
    • Dogs, feral cats, vehicles, and antifreeze spills pose risks to a cat outdoors.
    • Some cats dislike leashes, harnesses, and being walked in general.
    • Any cat not properly trained, supervised, and outfitted will likely meet with catastrophe if walked.


    Steps to a successful cat walk.

    If you think your cat would enjoy walking, make sure they are prepared for the journey. Collars are not recommended, as they can choke cats or allow them to slip through. Instead, purchase a harness or a walking jacket that will cradle your cat’s belly.

    Introduce the harness or jacket to your cat indoors for a few days. Reward them with tasty treats, verbal praise, and some nice pats under the chin. When they feel comfortable, try walking them indoors before venturing outside.

    When outside, don’t overwhelm your cat with new experiences. If you live in an urban area, consider crating your cat and taking them to a more rural location for a walk. Regardless of where you live, never allow your cat to go outside alone. The world is full of diseases, predators, poisons, and confusing traffic patterns. Additionally, free-roaming cats can damage neighbors’ properties and disturb local wildlife.



    • Never allow a cat outside unless it is leashed, trained, and supervised.
    • Ensure your cat is treated for fleas, ticks, and heartworm.
    • Do not leave a cat tied to a tree, post, or bench while you step into a store.
    • In the summer, bring water for both you and your cat, and ensure the pavement isn't too hot for their paws.
    • If your cat gets away, resist the urge to chase them. Use treats to lure them back.
    • Forget about walking a whole group of cats together. It's not practical.


    More helpful tips about walking cats.

    • Some cats may initially resist wearing a leash and harness, but don't give up. Your cat may soon enjoy walks.
    • Your cat may learn to love walking so much that they try to escape when the door opens. Be cautious.
    • Before taking your cat on a new walking route, check it yourself for potential hazards.


    Walking with an agreeable cat can provide mental and physical stimulation for both the animal and the owner. You may need to be creative, as some cats may prefer a brief walk around the yard or a ride to the park in a cat stroller. As long as your cat appears healthy and happy while enjoying different activities, be prepared, stay safe, and have fun.


    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”