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  • 9 tips for living with older cats.

    9 tips for living with older cats.

    We love our cats. In fact, we can't get enough of them. But as our kitties grow older, they need special care. Recognizing your cat is getting older can be difficult. But if you adjust as your cat ages you'll both be happier for it.

    Living with your older kitty can be fun and easy. Let's find out how:

    1. Know When You Have an Older Cat
    You don't have to wait until you are living with the world's oldest cat to know that your cat is getting along in years.

    Your trusted friend and companion may not be as mischievous anymore. Your cat may show some gray, and move around more slowly.
    Recognizing you are now caring for an older cat will help you give the best care possible. Who knows? You may even break the current age record held by Nutmeg, who is still going strong at 31.
    Your vet can help your geriatric cat get the best care.

    2. Keep Regular Appointments with The Vet
    As time goes by, cats can develop health issues. Regular appointments with your trusted veterinarian will work to head these off before they become acute.  

    Schedule and keep appointment every 6 months. Since the average lifespan for kitties is 15, scheduling more regular appointments after your cat reaches age 10 is a great idea. 
    Your veterinarian can perform regularly needed tests as well as clean your cat’s teeth.

    3. Get Your Older Cat's Teeth Cleaned Regularly
    While cats of all ages should have their dental care maintained, it can be a life-saver for older cats.

    Infected teeth can host harmful bacteria. This bacteria can access your cat's bloodstream through the blood vessels around their teeth.
    These bacteria are especially damaging and can even cause fatal kidney and heart issues.
    • Kidneys no longer eliminate toxic waste
    • Infected heart valves become shriveled and misshapen

    4. Have Regular Testing Performed

    Experts recommend you also get the following tests every two years for cats over 10 years old:
    • an electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • blood sample analysis
    • serum panel
    • urine analysis
    These tests may reveal your cat has some issues that require medicine.

    5. Maintain Proper Medication
    Make sure you follow your veterinarian's guidelines for medications. Older cats can suffer from arthritis, deafness, kidney issues, and even cancer. You'll want to pay special attention to their food and water too.

    6. Give Them Plenty of Food and Water
    As your cats age, their diet changes as well. They may become more finicky, but a healthy diet is essential. Work with your veterinarian to monitor calorie intake and adjust for dietary needs. 

    Your older cat may need fresh water now more than ever. Remember to take into account their difficulties getting up and down stairs and accessing various areas of your home. Make water accessible throughout the house.

    7. Allow for Changes in Behavior
    It's a common mistake to give an aging cat less access to water to help any bladder issues. While older cats may have less control over their bladder and bowels, there are better ways to help your cat.

    One way to help is to provide more litter boxes for your cat around your home or apartment.

    8. Make Sure Your Older Cat Is Comfortable
    Make sure your cat is comfortable, and you'll be comfortable too. Older cats might mean less play time and less mischief, but they can bring years of enjoyment all the same.  


    9. Get the Very Best for Your Older Cat
    Did you know that Modkat provides beautiful and functional cat litter boxes and accessories to care for your cat from the comfort of your home?

    You and your cat deserve the very best. Don't hesitate, a Modkat Litter Box reduces litter tracking and odorsThey're perfect for cats and owners of any age!

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”