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  • 9 luxury cat items to make your life easier.

    9 luxury cat items to make your life easier. - Modkat

    As a pet parent, you know a lot goes into caring for your furry friends. From finding the right food to beds, toys, and more, these products can help your pet live a long, happy life.

    However, investing in the right luxury cat products can change your life. Quality cat products may cost a little extra, but they’re often an investment in your pet’s well-being (and in some cases, yours!). Read on to learn more about the luxury cat products that can make your life easier and your purring pet happier.


    What should all cat owners have?

    Oprah gave us a list of pet essentials. She included her favorite pet shampoo, sweater, and carrier. She also said every cat needs a Modkat Flip. Oprah liked the Flip because it's leakproof and easy to clean. We agree with her, of course.

    All cat owners should have a litter box, litter, food, and toys for their pets. That should be a given. A cat tree, a scratching post, and a carrier or crate are also staples of cat care. But if you're like most cat lovers, you want more for your pet than simply the basics. You'd like to spoil your kitty a little.

    We understand. Our cats get plenty of special treatment, too. Did you know, though, that the best cat care items can go for hundreds of dollars, even thousands? For instance, a 22k gold-thread pet mattress runs $3,000. A Louis XV pet pavilion costs $23,990. A company called I Love Dogs Diamond even created a pet collar with 52 carats of diamonds that costs $1.8 million!

    Fortunately for those of us whose budget doesn't stretch quite that far, we can still invest in luxury products for our special friends. Often, these products are simply an upgrade on a standard item, making them practical as well as sumptuous. 

    How do you know what items are worth investing in and which ones are best left abandoned in your online shopping cart?

    When it comes to designer cat products, take into consideration what your feline friend likes and dislikes. For example, if your cat enjoys playing with a laser dot, then you might order an automatic pointer or one built into a cat's collar. If your kitty loves to run, consider giving your fast feline a cat exercise wheel to stretch its legs on.

    One popular luxury cat product is a scratching post. You can find scratching posts in many different sizes and styles, so at least one should suit your space and your cat's taste. An oversized cat scratcher or one formed into an elegant shape can make this cat product feel especially tasteful.

    Many cats love the feel of natural wood so this kind of scratcher may be the most popular option to choose from. There are other types too, like carpet-covered ones, symmetrical scratchers with catnip attached, and those made from sisal rope materials. Scratchers come in different colors and styles, so finding the perfect post shouldn't be too difficult! 

    Plush beds, automatic feeders, and cat houses round out the options for top-shelf cat furniture. The great thing about designer cat products, though, is that they don't just stop with furniture. Cat clothing, grooming tools, and toys all feature luxury options. 

    Most cats are not big fans of playing dress-up. For hairless cats like the Sphynx, however, clothes are a must if the animals are to stay warm. Owners looking for designer clothing can find an opulent selection of high-end cat garments made especially for the discerning feline.

    Luxury grooming tools include special combs, oils, and even shampoos and conditioners. You can even purchase a full designer toolbox of cat grooming supplies. These include nail clippers, a grooming comb, a flea comb, a shedding tool, clippers, brushes, a broom rake, and even rubber massage tools.

    As for cat toys… which playthings are the best? Some cats prefer balls while others enjoy feather wands. Others enjoy puzzles and playtime more than anything else. All these simple items also come in luxury options.

    Your possibilities are not limited only to the indoors. For an outdoor cat, you can buy or construct an outdoor cat house, catio, or pet enclosure. Add a plus-size climbing feature, a goldfish pond, or a hollowed-out log for a rustic, beautiful, and delightful pet paradise. You can find designer cat items at pet stores or on websites like Amazon. 


    Best luxury cat items to help them live a life of luxury. 

    Which luxury cat items are really worth your money? 

    It depends on what you're looking for. Do you want something practical like an automatic cat feeder? Or would you prefer a completely extravagant gift for your pet?

    Let's take a look at nine of the best luxury cat items.

    A Luxury Cat Tunnel
    In the wild, cats are both predators and prey, so they hide to survive. Modern cats still love to hide even though dinner is in the pantry and doesn't have to be stalked. 

    Help your cat stretch out and relax with a luxurious tunnel made from faux fur and a durable metal frame. This elegant item is sure to give your critter a cozy place to snooze.

    A Luxury Pet Bed 
    Cats sleep 12-16 hours a day. Why not give your cat a luxury pet bed for them to relax in? These beds offer more than a place to catch 40 winks. These unique, custom-made pieces of pet furniture can add a designer element to your decor. Many luxury pet beds include super soft, extra fluffy mattresses that provide cats with that gentle touch they crave.

    Get your big cat one plus-sized, luxury pet bed, and he'll have so much room he won't know what to do with himself. These beds are made from premium quality materials so they're both durable and attractive. They're a great value too as they can be used by any sized cat and last for years! 

    A Luxury Pet Carrier 
    Will you be taking your kitty with you on your travels? If so then give them some luxury by buying them a pet carrier. A plain plastic pet carrier may not seem like a luxury, but some carriers are ergonomically designed and look like they're worth millions. Some feature wheels and handlebars like a baby stroller while others have a sleek or clever design. 

    A Designer Cat Collar
    Some cats don't care for collars, but others seem to enjoy flashing an accessory. Instead of buying a cheap collar at the local pet store, why not give your cat a stylish product crafted out of leather and fastened with a tiny buckle? Luxury pet retailers offer an array of elegant collars for purchase. Whatever style of collar you might choose, just make sure it is flexible, soft, and comfortable for your pet.

    A Multi-Story Cat Tree
    The best cat toy is probably a cat tree. A well-built cat tree offers your pet a chance to climb, stretch their backs, strengthen its nails, and gain a higher perspective. Unique and sometimes custom-made, a multi-story cat tree can add flair to your home while simultaneously entertaining your cat for hours. Add several stories to the traditional cat tree, and you've got a luxury winner.

    A Luxury Cat Wheel
    Wondering how you can get in more exercise for your indoor cat? Then try an exercise wheel especially devised with our feline friends in mind. These elegant wheels are similar to the ones our pocket pets run on, but they have been enlarged and strengthened for cats. 

    A Hanging Cat Tree
    Does your cat need a new space to climb and scratch? Then this hanging cat tree is for them. With an extremely long rope attached, this tree hangs perfectly from their ceiling allowing them all the space they need to play or sleep.

    An Elegant Cat Couch
    Some designers have turned ordinary cat beds into elegant cat couches. Etsy and other artisan sites showcase beautiful pet beds made from an amazing variety of materials. Some of these resemble sofas in mid-century modern, traditional, or even Louis XVI styles.

    A Luxury Catio
    Perhaps the grandest option of them all is a luxury catio, the clever name given to an outdoor cat enclosure designed to keep your cat safe while exposing them to fresh sights and sounds. 

    Whether simple or elegant, a catio can be an enriching option for a pet. The smallest catio can be little more than a floored, wire enclosure that looks a little like a window box. Luxury catios, however, may include water features, a rock garden, plants, hanging baskets, and suspended bridges between cat houses.
    Besides our top choices, you and your cat may consider many other luxury cat items such as these:

    • A naturally stylish scratch post
    • A smart fountain and feeder
    • The most stylish cat perch money can buy

    If you want an original present for your cat that's like no other, then take a look at these luxury items for cats. Be sure to check out Oprah's list of pet products as well, and of course, you can always…

    Make your life easier with Modkat's premium cat products!

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”