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  • How to (really!) spoil your cat.

    How to (really!) spoil your cat. - Modkat

    We love our cats and want to give them the royal treatment in everything from food bowls to litter boxes.

    If you want to really spoil your cat, though, consider one of these extravagant gifts.

    Order a bottle of fine cat wine.

    Can your cat's palate distinguish between a catbernet, a muscat, and a pinot meow? These are a few of Apollo Peak's fine vintage beverages for cats. Although a tiny bottle of cat wine costs more than many full size bottles of real wine, pets and their people are lapping up this product. Cat wine is a non-alcoholic beverage made from all-natural products like beet juice infused with catnip. Apollo Peak's founder appeared on Shark Tank, and Rhett & Link featured the feline-friendly beverages on their show. We hear cat wine is a big hit with many of the felines who've tried it.

    Add a catio to your home.

    If a window seat doesn't give your avid bird watcher enough scope for his hobby, you can construct an entire catio. An enclosed porch designed for your cat, a catio lets your furry friend commune with nature from inside his safe space. Are you a real do-it-yourselfer? You can build a catio with instructions, wood, and stout wire. Attach it to your back door, window, or apartment balcony. If you don't want to construct a catio yourself, you can select a pre-made one from a variety of sizes, styles, prices, and vendors.

    Provide a cat-style treadmill for your athletically inclined feline.

    Are you worried your fur buddy isn't getting enough exercise? Is she showing signs of cat depression or other boredom-induced ailments? A company called One Fast Cat might have the solution for you. Using the same idea as a hamster wheel, this indoor exercise machine can motivate your cat's inner runner. You may have to train your friend to use the exercise wheel by offering either treats or toys.

    Bring hanging gardens inside your home for your cat to enjoy.

    If you've already made your own indoor cat garden, you can up the ante with a Cat Mod – Gardens Complex from Catastrophic Creations. Your cat may think he's moved from a backyard plot to the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Cat Mod – Gardens Complex includes an array of cat-friendly plants, hammocks, scratching posts, and more. It attaches to the wall with hidden brackets, so it adds a touch of elegance to your decor.

    Give your cat a palatial playhouse.

    A leading pet-supply company in the Netherlands called Pets Place produces ultra-large, super-sturdy playhouses for cats. The designers modeled each playhouse after a world-famous edifice. Currently, you can select from the White House, the Kremlin, the Sphynx, and the Maya Temple. Reviewers claim that these cat playhouses, though constructed from cardboard, are strong enough to withstand rough play and beautiful enough to enhance your home.

    Make sure your cat gets the food reserved for him using microchip technology.

    If you share your home with more than one pet, you may find that mealtimes become stressful. A cat or dog may start to hog the food bowl, keeping other pets from enjoying a meal. To solve that problem, Sure Petcare created the Microchip Feeder. This covered food dish features a handy microchip sensor that opens the lid only when it recognizes your cat's RFID tag or microchip. When kitty has finished eating, the lid closes automatically. The feeder can store up to 32 distinct pet identities, and it has a six-month battery life.

    Add an artistic flair to your cat's scratching post.

    When Erik Stehmann's cat shredded one his embroidered paintings, it sparked his creativity. Why not give cats a chance to dig their claws into great art? Stehmann created the Copycat Art Scratcher. It's a cat-scratchable reproduction of a great painting like the Mona Lisa or Girl with a Pearl Earring rendered on sisal. Buy it, hang it, and let your cat scratch away.

    None of these options quite equals a Louis XV Pet Pavilion, which will set you back a cool $23,990. But if you want to spoil your pet (and you already have a Modkat), a tipple of cat wine or a scratchable Mona Lisa might be your cat's ticket to nirvana.

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”