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  • All about cat scratch pads.

    All about cat scratch pads. - Modkat

    How do I get my cats to stop scratching my furniture?
    Today, we’re digging our claws into the topic of cat scratching.


    Why do my cats scratch my belongings?

    Scratching plays an important role in cat health, safety, and communication. It helps cats shed old nail sheaths, strengthen their back muscles, and relieve stress. Since cats have scent glands on their paws, scratching also lets them mark their territory.

    Appropriate scratching is key to keeping our cats healthy and happy. The Modkat Scratcher's large surface offers kitties plenty of room to do it all.


    What do scratchers do for cats?

    Cats scratch stuff. The only question is what stuff they’ll scratch. If it’s not a cat scratcher, it might be your sofa, curtains, or wallhangings. Destructive scratching is one of the most common reasons that over 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters every year

    The solution? Buy your cat a high quality scratching pad he will appreciate and use.


    Where I should put my cat's scratch pad?

    Cats typically like to sharpen their claws first thing in the morning, so consider placing the scratcher near where your cat likes to sleep. Our Modkat Scratcher's perfectly symmetrical design blends seamlessly into your decor and makes it easy to flip the scratcher over to use the other side.

    Put your scratch pad in place before you bring your cat home. 


    How do I get my cat to use a scratch pad?

    Sprinkle a little catnip on top, and let your kitty express their natural instincts. Some cat parents find that playing games with the post will get the cat started using it. And you may consider rewarding your kitty with a treat when she interacts with the scratcher. Whatever you do, don’t force your cat’s paws onto the scratch pad.

    If possible, add several scratch pads to your home, preferably a mix of vertical posts and horizontal ones. The more options you offer, the greater the probability your cat will find one that works for her. 


    What are scratching pads made of?

    Most scratchers are constructed with natural corrugated cardboard, raw wood, or rope. Rough textures feel better to cat claws than soft and boring sofa upholstery does. 

    You may have to test a few types of scratching posts to discover what your cat fancies but cardboard naturally attracts cats and they seem to prefer this material. Constructed from high-quality, long-lasting cardboard and non-toxic glue, our Modkat Scratchers can effectively entice cats away from clawing your furniture. 


    What are the best scratch pads for older cats, plus-size cats, and cats with disabilities? 

    Like adult cats, senior cats need a scratcher to fully stretch out. Part of the joy of scratching comes from stretching, which is only possible with a tall or long post. For a large cat, consider buying a Modkat Scratcher Lounge to accommodate your kitty’s size.

    Scratching is important to a cat’s health and happiness. Keep your pet from destroying your furnishings by giving him access to a suitable scratch pad. Remember that the best scratch pad for your cat is the one he will use.

    Shop the Modkat litter boxes and accessories to freshen up your cat litter area today!

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”