Litter Box Cleaner + Odor Neutralizer

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Modkat's Litter Box Cleaner + Odor Neutralizer is a go-to solution for cleaning your litter box or any other cat-caused stains or odors. Our all-natural enzyme cleaning formula works to eliminate organic stains and odors, features a light, clean scent, and may be used on cat caused stains and odors on litter boxes.

• Specifically formulated for use on Modkat litter boxes and liners.
• Neutralizes odors and removes stains on contact.
• For use on cat litter boxes, carpets, floors and furniture.
• Natural enzyme formula is safe for use around children and pets.
• All-natural and made in the U.S.A
• Original fresh scent
• 32 fl. oz. bottle

How it works
Modkat's Litter Box Cleaner + Odor Neutralizer works quickly to break down stains and odors. Our all-natural enzyme cleaning formula specifically reacts to organic stain and odor matter and works to neutralize any traces—unlike many products that may simply mask stains and odors. Because of this process, it is important that Modkat's Litter Box Cleaner + Odor Neutralizer be allowed to dry naturally and that it reaches all of the stain as stains and odors can spread far beyond what is visible.