Modkat Litter Box

White - Pre-order ships end of August
White Modkat ships end of August.
    • Top-Entry reduces litter tracking
    • Swivel lid makes it easy to clean
    • Seamless base prevents leaks
    • Perfect for side pee-ers!
    • Dog proof
    • Reusable liner lasts up to 3 months
    • Great for cats up to 12lbs (5.4kg)
    • Length x Width x Height
      16.0 x 16.0 x 15.0in.   Need a bigger box?
      (40.6 x 40.6 x 38.0cm)
    • Liner height
      10in. (25.4cm)
    • Top-entry width
      9.5in. (
    • Weight
      6.5lbs (3.0kg)
      Lid can support up to 30lbs (13kg)
    • Seamless base
    • Swiveling lid
    • Modkat Scoop
    • Reusable Liner (A)


    The award-winning Modkat Litter Box looks great and virtually eliminates litter tracking. Every detail of this patented design has been thoughtfully considered. Its locking lid acts as a walk-off mat to keep litter off of your floors. The Modkat Scoop has an ergonomic handle that sifts clumps like a champ. And, the Modkat Reusable Liner is resilient to scratching, easy to clean and tailored to fit.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1407 reviews
    Love it!

    I would definetely recommend the complete kit. My cat used it from day one and loves it. She sometimes even uses it to hide when we play. It’s excellent quality and the swivel lid makes it easy to clean.

    Love it!

    I had cats all throughout my childhood, but I finally adopted my first kitten on my own this summer! I love my new baby, but I had forgotten how much work it is to scoop litter and clean up all the flung / tracked pieces from the floor. Modkat is a lifesaver. I love how pretty it is, but also how much less work it is to keep the cat corner tidy. No more flung litter, no more poop sitting openly in the room! I love my Modkat-- worth every penny!

    My kittens took to it right away

    Adopted some kittens recently and swapped out unsightly “regular” boxes for these beauties. Kittens took to them immediately and I love how little litter gets on my floor.

    Cats love it

    it is the only litter box my cats want to use now.

    Best Litter Box Ever!!!

    I love my Modkat litter box! Lonnie hopped in and used it less than five minutes after I set it up:-) No more tracking and it looks nice in my pretty bathroom. Highly recommended!!!

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