Shake Dog Potty


The stylish, easy to clean and portable dog potty.

Your second best friend.

The Shake Dog Potty is there when you’re not, providing a comfortable, familiar spot for your dog to go when you’re on the go. It’s handsome and sleek enough to leave out, so your dog has the freedom to use it whenever they need to. Its patent pending design effortlessly seals tight for mess-free cleanup, and it’s so simple to fold, you won’t think twice about stowing it away or taking it on the road. The result is a dog potty that is stylish, easy to clean, and portable.

Mess-free cleaning.

The Shake Dog Potty earned its name from its unique method of cleaning. Lock it shut using its four hide-away latches, add water, shake from side-to-side, up and down, flip and repeat and then empty into the toilet. Do this daily and Shake will remain ready to go for regular use. Wait, no bathtub or garden hose? No problem. Shake’s svelte profile allows it to fit under most sink faucets.

For occasional more-thorough clean ups, use the included brush with mild detergent or enzyme cleaner to get into those hard to reach places. All of Shake’s internal components are easily removable and replaceable, so you can feel confident that nothing is missed when cleaning.

What about number two?
Shake’s grates pop right off, allowing for safe, mess-free disposal.

Basic training.

When Fido isn't up for that winter morning walk or if you are stuck in that endless afternoon meeting, rest assured that Shake is there for you. Just leave Shake open in a quiet, familiar place in your home, where your dog feels comfortable. When your dog finishes, clean it and put it back for the next day. Because Shake is slightly raised off the floor it gives dogs a perimeter so they know exactly where to go and more importantly, where NOT to go.

Whether you’re potty-training for the first time or transitioning from pee pads, most dogs will take to using Shake with a few simple steps and lots of positive reinforcement.

Once your dog is trained to use Shake you will never need to use pee pads again, which reduces waste and saves you money!

  • Create a fenced-in “bathroom” area for Shake away from where your puppy will eat and drink. Place your puppy on Shake first thing in the morning and two hours after each meal.
  • Place a used pad under one of Shakes grates so they pick up the scent and understand this is where they should go. After a few days, if they seem to get it, remove the pad.
  • Place your dog on Shake first thing in the morning and two hours after each meal. If they don’t seem to get it, place a small towel soaked in their urine under one of Shakes grates, so they pick up the scent.

Ready to go.

Nobody wants to be left at home. If you’re on the road or visiting a friend, bring Shake along so your pup has a familiar place to go. If there’s no place to empty it, just fold it up and empty it when convenient.

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