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R.I.T. T-Minus


Modko’s Brett Teper was invited by his alma mater, R.I.T. Industrial Design, to share his experiences about design and to participate in their annual T-minus project. Over 48 teams competed this year, each composed of one representative from every level of the I.D. program to produce a product from one of four proposed challenges.

Brett was blown away by the growth of the program, the caliber of students and the accomplished and tireless faculty that crafts them into such great talent. We wanted to show our gratitude to the gracious staff and most of all show appreciation to the dedicated students for their hard work and enthusiasm!

Thank you!
-The Modko Team

Jumbo Litter Box
Cat Drinking Fountain
Cat Climbing Tree
Dog Carrier

Special thanks to...
Josh Owen
Bruce Leonard
Amos Scully

Winning Teams

Animal Behavior Award
Alan Xu
Samuel Straub
Justin Callaghan
Jack Marquez
Rana Rezaei Grad

Innovation Award
Nishamahesh Panicker
Gabriel Volk
Daniel Turner
Evan Slone
David Evenski Grad

Student Choice Award
Cynthia Stetson
Tony Nguyen
Pauline Dziama
Xinran Zheng

    Modko Choice Award - Cat Drinking Fountain
    Karen Liu
    Zoe Gomer
    Kramer Campisano
    Tristan Cannan
    Casey Rebach
        Photos: Elizabeth Lamark

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