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Like the acclaimed Modkat Litter Box, the all new Modkat Tray utilizes our exclusive reusable liners and offers its award winning great looks! At nine inches tall, the Tray goes to great depths to keep litter in it's place, and it uses a snap-on, walk-off platform to reduce litter scatter and tracking.

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“Finally a litter box where my cat won’t pee over the sides! Plus the little step really does help reduce litter tracking. Love it.”

Hanna D.

“I purchased this litter box specifically for my male cat that has a high spray and it worked PERFECTLY out of the box. Thank you for saving my wall and my sanity.”

Eiren C.

“My kitties love them - they rock! I've purchased 4 Modkat litter boxes for my 8 kitties these past 6 months. They are the best designed, manufactured boxes I've ever purchased in the 40 years I've rescued and had feline companions! I'd recommend them in a heart beat!”

Martha R.

Engage shields!

If your cats is a “side pee-er,” don’t fret. Modkat has you covered. A splash guard snaps into the base to overlap the tarp liner, creating a 15” high pee barrier. The liner ensures everything remains inside the tray where it belongs.

Tray Splash Guard

Walk the plank.

The walk-off platform guards the opening from litter scatter when your cat is digging deep. And as your cat steps out of the Tray, the platform helps reduce tracking.

Liners that last.

All Modkat litter boxes work with our exclusive, patent pending reusable liners. They are tailored specifically for each litter box to prevent messy gathering and unsightly bulges. Support hooks at each corner ensure the reusable liner stays put and make it a snap to empty and clean. Our liners are constructed from durable tarpaulin, so they are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and last up to three months!

Reusable Liners

BPA free.

Modkat Tray is made from BPA free ABS plastic, which is safe for your pet, bacteria resistant, and has a beautiful mirror finish.

What’s in the box?

Modkat Tray comes with all the components you need to get started. Just add litter.

Tray base
Liner G
Hooks Pack
Walk-off platform
We do not recommend placing our products outdoors, as long-term exposure to direct sunlight may alter the finish and color, and extreme fluctuations in temperature may distort the material. This falls outside the intended use of this product and is not covered by our manufacturer warranty. Read more

Place your cat's litter box in a quiet location away from where they eat and drink. If your new litter box is replacing an old one, be sure to position it in the same, familiar location. 

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Scooping daily will keep odor in check and aid in keeping your cat healthy. Periodically add new litter to maintain the recommended 3-4 inch level. This will enable your cats to bury their mess properly while keeping urine from reaching the liner or the bottom of the litter box. Fully replace litter every 5-7 days. Wash the reusable liner and the litter box interior with low fragrance dish soap and warm water. Read more

All our litter boxes come with one of our exclusive Modkat Reusable Liners. These liners are made of commercial grade tarpaulin, which reduces ripping, odor absorption and liquid penetration. They last up to three months, and you can purchase replacements here. If your cat’s not the liner type, don't worry! All Modkat litter boxes feature smooth bottoms and seamless bases for easy cleanup.

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Reusable liners last up to three months depending on how many cats use the litter box, how much litter is used, and how ferociously your cat(s) scratch. To get the most out of your liners, we recommend cleaning with mild dish soap and water monthly. Be sure to let the liner dry before putting it back in the box. Replace the reusable liner when there are signs of fraying, tearing, or excessive odor.

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We recommend a clumping litter that's organic or all natural. Veterinarians, and many cat owners can attest that clumping litter beats clay any day. It is better for the environment and it works great with Modkat Reusable Liners.

If you change your current litter type, gradually introduce it over a 3-4 week period. Mix increasing quantities of the new litter with the one your cat previously used, ensuring your cat an easy transition to the new litter.

NOTE: To avoid confusion and any potential accidents, do NOT change litter type at the same time you change the litter box. 

How much litter should I use?
We recommend maintaining a 3-4 inch litter level at all times. This will enable your cats to properly bury their mess while allowing the litter to properly clump.

What's the best way to dispose of litter?
Dispose of litter with regular household trash. Litter and clumps should NEVER be flushed or poured down the drain. Cat feces may be toxic, and litter can clog your drain.

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Cats like to have their own space, just like we do. It is best to have one litter box per cat, it will help to prevent territorial battles over the litter box and will make it easier for your cat to use the box whenever it feels the need. However, who has enough room for that? If your cats don't mind sharing a box, we just recommend scooping at least once a day.

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Place your new Modkat Litter Tray on a flat surface. Snap the four liner hooks into the slots on the four corners of the base. 

Install the walk-off platform
  • Hold the platform flat top in your palm.
  • Position it against the XL front ledge at the bottom of the opening.
  • Tilt up and apply pressure to force over the ledge and the liner.

Using the optional liner

  • Snap the hooks atop the Modkat Litter Tray in each corner.
  • Position the liner in the base with the open side facing front.
  • Hang each of the four liner grommets from its coinciding hook.
  • Finally, position the clip at the bottom, middle of the front entrance and secure the front of the liner to the base.
Install the optional splash guard
  • Click the three clips into the rectangualar cutouts in the base.
  • Open the splash guard flat with the logo to the left.
  • Insert the splash guard cutouts into the three clips one by one.
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Unless otherwise noted, our products are manufactured by our awesome partners in Taiwan.

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Entry size

Front-Entry: 8.25 inches (29.9cm)

Overall size

  • Length: 20.25 inches (51.4cm)

  • Width: 14 inches (35.6cm)

  • Height: 9 inches (22.9cm)

  • Weight: 5.0 lbs (2.3kg)

Liners and Add-ons

  • Liner Height: 9 inches (22.9cm)

  • Spalsh Guard Height: 6 inches (15.2cm)

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