Type G Liner (3-Pack)

Use with Modkat Tray Litter Box
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  • Constructed of rip-resistant tarpaulin
  • Easy to clean
  • Hooks keep liners from pulling down
  • Tailored to prevent unsightly overhang
  • Full height for ultimate protection
  • Last up to 3 months!
Scooping daily will keep odor in check and aid in keeping your cat healthy. Periodically add new litter to maintain the recommended 3-4 inch level. This will enable your cats to bury their mess properly while keeping urine from reaching the liner or the bottom of the litter box. Fully replace litter every 5-7 days. Wash the reusable liner and the litter box interior with low fragrance dish soap and warm water.

All our litter boxes come with one of our exclusive Modkat Reusable Liners. These liners are made of commercial grade tarpaulin, which reduces ripping, odor absorption and liquid penetration. They last up to three months, and you can purchase replacements here. If your cat’s not the liner type, don't worry! All Modkat litter boxes feature smooth bottoms and seamless bases for easy cleanup.

Reusable liners last up to three months depending on how many cats use the litter box, how much litter is used, and how ferociously your cat(s) scratch. To get the most out of your liners, we recommend cleaning with mild dish soap and water monthly. Be sure to let the liner dry before putting it back in the box. Replace the reusable liner when there are signs of fraying, tearing, or excessive odor.

We recommend a clumping litter that's organic or all natural. Veterinarians, and many cat owners can attest that clumping litter beats clay any day. It is better for the environment and it works great with Modkat Reusable Liners.

If you change your current litter type, gradually introduce it over a 3-4 week period. Mix increasing quantities of the new litter with the one your cat previously used, ensuring your cat an easy transition to the new litter.

NOTE: To avoid confusion and any potential accidents, do NOT change litter type at the same time you change the litter box. 

How much litter should I use?
We recommend maintaining a 3-4 inch litter level at all times. This will enable your cats to properly bury their mess while allowing the litter to properly clump.

What's the best way to dispose of litter?
Dispose of litter with regular household trash. Litter and clumps should NEVER be flushed or poured down the drain. Cat feces may be toxic, and litter can clog your drain.

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