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The Flip Litter Box provides easy access for scooping and cleaning while offering a spacious interior and three lid positions to satisfy any cat’s preference. The lid hinges on the top of the tall, seamless base, which houses one of our patent pending reusable liners. This design creates a durable, mess-free litter solution.

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Best Litter Box Upgrade

"It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered, is easy to access for cats and humans, and is easy to clean thanks to the custom-fit liners."

—The Wirecutter, New York Times.

“This box is unparalleled! Our cat no longer squats to urinate. She is 19 after all. I’ve used lidded boxes, but it would always leak where the top and bottom connected. It has saved me so much aggravation! Thank you! ”

Debra M.

“Great, roomy litter box! Design much more pleasing to the eye than rounded type litter boxes! The thick liner is great b/c it doesn't rip or tear. Easy to assemble and I love that the lid folds back for easy clean out!”

Lauren P.

Look beyond the hood.

Flip takes a completely new approach to the front-entry litter box, starting with the hood. Oh yeah, there is no hood! Flip adopts a flat double-hinged lid, providing three privacy positions, easy access for cleaning, and a full height seamless base.

Flip lid

Liners that last.

All Modkat litter boxes work with our exclusive, patent pending reusable liners. They are tailored specifically for each litter box to prevent messy gathering and unsightly bulges. Support hooks at each corner ensure the reusable liner stays put, and make it a snap to empty and clean. Our liners are constructed from durable tarpaulin, so they are scratch resistant, easy to clean, and last up to three months!

Reusable Liners

What’s in the box?

Flip comes with all the components you need to get started. Just add litter.

Seamless base
3-position lid
Flat scoop
Liner - F
We do not recommend placing our products outdoors, as long-term exposure to direct sunlight may alter the finish and color, and extreme fluctuations in temperature may distort the material. This falls outside the intended use of this product and is not covered by our manufacturer warranty. Read more
Scooping daily will keep odor in check and aid in keeping your cat healthy. Periodically add new litter to maintain the recommended 3-4 inch level. This will enable your cats to bury their mess properly while keeping urine from reaching the liner or the bottom of the litter box. Fully replace litter every 5-7 days. Wash the reusable liner and the litter box interior with low fragrance dish soap and warm water. Read more

Reusable liners last up to three months depending on how many cats use the litter box, how much litter is used, and how ferociously your cat(s) scratch. To get the most out of your liners, we recommend cleaning with mild dish soap and water monthly. Be sure to let the liner dry before putting it back in the box. Replace the reusable liner when there are signs of fraying, tearing, or excessive odor.

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Cats like to have their own space, just like we do. It is best to have one litter box per cat, it will help to prevent territorial battles over the litter box and will make it easier for your cat to use the box whenever it feels the need. However, who has enough room for that? If your cats don't mind sharing a box, we just recommend scooping at least once a day.

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Place your new Flip Litter Box base on a flat surface. Snap the lid into place by holding it with the male side of the first hinge touching the female counterpart on the base. Snap it into place using your thumb to push each hinge into place one-two-three.

Flip comes with one reusable liner, four liner hooks and a liner clip.

  • Snap the hooks atop the Flip base in along the sides at each corner.
  • Position the liner in the base with the short, open side facing front to match the front-entry opening on the litter box base.
  • Hang each of the four liner grommets from its coinciding hook.
  • Finally, position the logo clip at the bottom, middle of the front-entry to secure the front of the liner to the base.
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Unless otherwise noted, our products are manufactured by our awesome partners in Taiwan.

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Entry size

Front-Entry: 8 inches (20.3cm)

Overall size

  • Length: 20 inches (50.8cm)

  • Width: 15 inches (38.0cm)

  • Height: 16.75 inches (42.5cm)

  • Weight: 7.0 lbs (3.5kg)


  • Height: 14 inches (35.6cm)

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