Odor Filter Kit

Basket + Two Bamboo Charcoal Filters
  • Litter box odor reducer
  • 100% Natural Odor + Moisture Remover
  • Fragrance Free, Chemical Free, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
  • Helps prevent mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Reuse for up to 3 months
  • Recharges in the sun
  • Fashioned from a renewable by-product

The Modkat Bamboo Charcoal Filters can be recharged up to three times before they need to be replaced. To recharge, place filters in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours (per side) every month. For optimal performance, replace filters every 3 months.

Bamboo is a fast-growing, renewable grass. The bamboo charcoal we source is a waste product of bamboo floor manufacturing. It’s totally biodegradable, and it makes a great fertilizer!

The activated bamboo charcoal molecules are exceptionally porous, giving this product enormous absorption capacity.

Like most of our products, our bamboo charcoal comes from Taiwan. We’ve been partnering with a trusted, ethical manufacturer for more than 10 years who provides us with the highest quality products.

No, bamboo charcoal is odor free.

Bamboo charcoal is natural and safe for humans and animals. But due to the size of the particles, keep the bare packs away from kids and pets as they may be a choking hazard. Be sure the packs are secured in the filter holder during use and stored in a safe place when not in use.

Overall size

  • Length: 3.7 inches (9.4cm)

  • Width: 3.6 inches (9.2cm)

  • Height: 1.0 inches (2.5cm)

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