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Beautiful and It Works!

I am an interior designer and a little cautious about products that win design awards. Sometimes the products that look good don't always work all that well. You know that 'form follows function' thing. But in this case, I was so pleased to be wrong. 

My 13 year old Mitchell loves his new Modkat litter box and I love it because it works. His tracking of litter from his old box all the way downstairs, I might add, is gone, completely. Maintaining it is a breeze. You thought of everything to make my life easier.

I was having a little difficulty trying to decide which litter box might be best for him until I read your FAQ's question, 'Is your cat a Modkat?' That was extremely helpful, because you described my Mitchell to a 't'.

Anyway, long story short, we love it and you guys for it. This is one very well designed litter box. I will be recommending it to everyone I know.

— Judy