1. Famous Cats of History

    Cats as a species and individual tabbies alike deserve our wonder. Consider these remarkable mousers from history: 

  2. 9 Tips for Living with Older Cats

    We love our cats. In fact, we can't get enough of them. But as our kitties grow older, they need special care. Recognizing your cat is getting older can be difficult.

  3. Which Cat Are You? Quiz!

    It’s easy and fun to discover your cat type! Take our eight-question quiz to find out which cat personality you are. Whatever type you turn out to be, we want you and your cat to have a healthy and happy end of summer together.

  4. How to Remove Cat Urine and Its Smell

    We love our cats, but sometimes they can be frustrating - particularly when they urinate outside of the litter box. Ever walk into the house...

  5. A Guide to Cat Play

    Your cat is satisfied with the simplest gestures. A blanket to hide under. A mouse toy to bat around. A box to fit into. But playtime isn't just for amusement. A cat's heart health and overall condition rely on incorporated playtime.

  6. 5 Things Nobody Tells You about Traveling with Cats

    Most cats will spend summer vacation at home in the hands of a trusted sitter. But for those that want to hit the open road...

  7. What to Do if You Find a Stray Cat in Your Backyard

    You spotted a stray cat through your back window. What should you do? During the summer, many people...

  8. Famous Orange Cats

    Orange cats are more than playful, freckle-faced, and big-hearted companions. History and entertainment have given us plenty of...

  9. Summer in the City with Kitty

    The fun-filled days of summer have arrived. For people in the city, it’s time to enjoy street festivals, trek to the beach, and plan...

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