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Milo + Flip!

We received our Modko Flip Litter Box a few weeks ago. Our kitten, Milo, is 5 months old and has been using a round Booda box since we brought him home a few months ago. We were a bit concerned about his adapting to a new litter box, but no sooner did we have the liner and lid assembled when he jump right in, and has never looked back! He loves his new litter box, and so do we because it's stylish and easy to clean. The litter clumps never stick to the liner, and cleaning is a breeze. The fact that is uses a filter-less vent and a flip lid that isn't too tight means that the litter dust doesn't get trapped in the box and harm our cat. Our cat also has very long legs, so the added height gives him plenty of headroom when he's in the box. It's healthy, easy to clean, and so pleasingly modern. Now we just need to get on with the remodeling of our human bathroom so that everyone doesn't say that Milo's ba throom is nicer than ours!

– Phil