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  • Poop Happens

    Yes, poop does happen with a cat. And what really drives me crazy is where do you put the thing the cat poops in when: your house is small and you have a dog that likes to eat cat poop? Well, the ModKat certainly solved those two problems. We purchased the classic black and it looks great in our bathroom with no more ugly kitty litter box to stare at. The ModKat is a work of art, in my opinion. It also solves the issue of kitty litter tracked all over our floors, which has been cut back by 95%.

    Now my cat didn't take to the ModKat right away. So what I did was:
    Day 1-3 I took the lid completely off and gently placed him inside the ModKat to do his business.

    Day 4-7 Put the lid on but put it up and while he was using it, gently closed the lid to get him used to getting out of it.

    Day 7-11 Walked over to the ModKat with him and put in on top of the lid until he got used to climbing in to do his business.

    This did the trick and now he uses it no problem!
    I feel I should be a spokesperson for the ModKat I love it so much. My only one critique is the ModKat is pricey and I wish there was a sale every now and again on them but oh well! Still well worth the price.


    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”