ModKat, what a life saver!

December 07, 2011

I wanted this litterbox from the minute I laid eyes on it. My small 700 sq ft apartment is mid-century modern so the design is perfect, and I couldn't wait to alleviate my constant cleaning of scattered litter. However, I was concerned. I have a very large savannah cat (half African serval) and a rescue pound kitty (his buddy) who are both quite picky about their bathroom habits. At first they wouldn't go near the box. So, I decided to leave it out for one day with the lid off and their previously used litter in it. My husband and I kept checking all day but there was no use, then to our surprise we woke the next morning to a used ModKat! After that, I put the lid on as instructed, and have never had a problem again. In fact, I can't wait to order a second box so that my fur babies each have their own. Thanks for a wonderful design! We are fans for life! 


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