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ModKat where have you been all my life?!

I have had two cats for 5 years in various apartments, and living with a litter box in a small space is unsightly and unpleasant. I tried many unsatisfactory and messy setups.

ENTER MODKAT. It saved the day! I was hiding the old litter box in the unused shower of the second bathroom, but no more! This box obviously looks great, and the cats had no problem adjusting to it. It was plenty big enough for my 10 lb and 12 lb kitties. I love that the scoop hooks on the side of the box, but by far my favorite feature is the tarp liner! I never used liners because my cats tore right through them, and all that plastic is just goes in a landfill. This is so easy to carry down to the trash (no more wasteful trash bags!) and easy to clean.

The great design and usefulness of this product is totally worth the money, and I will have it for years to come. THANK YOU!