Finicky gentlemen cats approve of it

March 21, 2011 1 min read

We are moving to a new place where we can't hide an ugly $20 litter box in a laundry room. And since our new place is mid-century modern, I figured it was time to upgrade to the Modkat box. When the Modkat first arrived, my cats wouldn't go anywhere near it. I was afraid that I had just spent a lot of money for nothing and wished I had used some reverse psychology on my kiddies (i.e., telling them to not go anywhere near the box). Halfway in despair, I kept their old box nearby (but not so easily accessible as it used to be) and filled the Modkat with used litter (we use "World's Best Cat Litter"). The next morning, I felt like it was Easter. Happy number 1's and 2's and hardly any traces around the box. I am so proud of my two boys (Rooftop - a 10 year old big cat and Jetski - a 7-year old runt). I think the box is well-designed and sturdy. And it solves the problem many cat-owners have: function versus form. Thank you inventors!!

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