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Never again sweep up piles of litter.

Hey Modkat!
I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how rockin' your litter boxes are! I have five (count 'em FIVE) indoor cats. I'm a crazy cat lady, no doubt, but I like my feline friends more than 99% of the humans I encounter on a daily basis. The thing I love most about your Modkat litter box (besides how cool it looks!) is that I will never again have to sweep up piles of litter that my little darlings scratch onto the floor whilst covering up their "bid-ness". My newest addition is an eighteen pound shelter rescue named Lucy that I was worried would be a tad too er, uh, 'fluffy' to fit through the entrance. But too my delight, she gets in and out with inches to spare! Thanks for making a great product! The six of us couldn't be happier! 

- Melissa