1. All the Reasons a Black Cat Brings Good Luck

    If you have a black cat, you already know you lucked out. Like every other color of cat, they can provide you with...

  2. The Ultimate Guide to New Cat Ownership

    Congratulations on acquiring a new cat! To help you get started, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to new cat ownership.

  3. 6 Ways Kitty Brings Health + Happiness into Your Life

    Did you know your cat may have a lot do with your levels of health and happiness? Let’s look at 6 ways your cat is making your life better right now.

  4. 5 Ways to Help Friends with Cat Allergies

    Do you want to host guests but worry about cat allergy sufferers? Today, we share our top five tips to help keep both your cat and your guests happy and healthy.

  5. 3 Tips to Minimize Litter Box Odor

    A clean, low-odor litter box is one key to a happy, healthy pet and a companionable cat household.

  6. 7 Answers to Your Top Litter Box Maintenance Questions

    A clean litter box is key to a satisfied cat and a pleasant home. Today, we answer your questions...

  7. 10 Safe Spring Cleaning Tips for Cat Lovers

    The trees are budding outside the window, and it’s time to give your home that thorough scrubbing...

  8. The Ultimate Guide to Second Cat Introductions

    Are you thinking about adding another cat but aren't sure how? Follow these smart guidelines for a safe and happy introduction.

  9. #CuteCatsofInstagram

    You already know Grumpy, Nala, Lil Bub, Cole & Marmalade, and the other celebrity cats of Instagram. Today, let us introduce...

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