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The best litter box design I have ever seen

This is the hotter and smarter version of the top entry litter box that I already own. My kitty and I are huge fans of the concept of the top entry litter box, (and I know that he appreciates the privacy,) but I can see how much more innovative and sleek the ModKat is designed. The perforated holes are clever, as my kitten often tracks litter particles on the lid of his litter box when he jumps out, which simply collect on the lid until I manually shake them off. I also love that it comes with a durable, washable liner and a scooper with brush, both of which obviously didn’t accompany the purchase of my own litter box. It’ll make it that much more convenient to transfer large amounts of used litter, which is often very cumbersome and easy to spill onto the floor, to the trash can. Wow! I can’t wait to see this beautiful piece in person.