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Which Litter Box Is Best for My Cat?

Which Litter Box Is Best for My Cat?

When it comes to choosing a box, your cat deserves the pick of the litter. As humans, we want to know which litter box best controls odor, fits in a small space, and looks great in our apartment. But from the cat’s perspective, what box is best for doing business? It depends on your cat.

The best litter box for large cats may not work for kittens. And the leading cat litter box for small apartments may not be the optimum choice for a suburban home. Since litter box avoidance is a major reason people relinquish cats to shelters, the right box can make all the difference to cats’ health and happiness.

Here’s our handy reference to choosing a litter box for your cat:



Babies as young as four weeks old can use a litter box. If you adopt a tiny kitten from your local shelter, he’s been using the litter box for a month or two already. Still, his tiny, clumsy body won’t be able to leap over tall box walls in a single bound yet. Kittens need ultra-easy access to their box. Our recommendation for small kitties? TheModkat Litter Tray.


Average cats.

No cat is average, of course. Each of our pets is unique and special. But when we say average, we’re talking about adult cats weighing 12 pounds or less and who have no physical impairments.

Regardless of whether your cat is a high pee-er, a side pee-er, or a vertical pee-er, choose a litter box with tall sides, an enclosed base, and a spacious interior. Our recommendation? TheModkat Litter Box. It came in at number 2 on the 2017 10 Best Litter Boxes by Petlist. If your cat needs some extra leg room or would like the option of front or top-entry, we recommend theModkat XL,the newest addition to our litter boxline.

Senior cats.

Age brings certain limitations to our feline friends. A senior cat may develop memory loss or lose bladder tone. If a cat needs quick, easy, and pain-free access to a litter box, make sure she doesn’t have to jump, balance, or climb stairs to get to the bathroom. Our recommendation for senior cats? TheModkat Litter Tray or The Flip Litter Box.

Plus-size cats.

Anestimated 50% of domestic cats are overweight or obese. Obesity is a serious health concern for many of our pets. For one thing, it causes elimination problems. Plus-size cats can suffer from chronic constipation and urinary tract infections. They also struggle to get in and out of traditional litter boxes. Our recommendation for plus-size cats? Modkat XL, the newest litter box in the line, designed specifically with bigger cats in mind. It can be configured as top or front-entry depending on your cats preference. The second choice would be the Modkat Flip Litter Box, which was chosen as best litter box upgrade by Wirecutter, A New York Times Company

Cats with disabilities.

If your cat has a disability, modify his environment. A traditional, high-sided box may not allow him easy access to the litter. So go for something with an entrance at the front of the box. Our recommendation? The Modkat Flip Litter Box or theModkat Litter Tray.

How many litter boxes do you need?

Add one to your total number of cats. One cat? Two boxes. Two cats? Three boxes. If you live in a multi-story property, you’ll want to have a box on each floor. Senior cats and kittens find it helpful to have a nearby box for emergencies since they may not make it to a separate floor in time. Make sure litter boxes are in social spaces where humans gather. That’s why we spent so much time designing the Modkat products—we want them to look good in your space as well as feel right to your cat.

Check out thechart on our website to help you find the perfect litter solution for your cat. Whatever box you choose, be sure toscoop it daily,refresh the litter weekly, and put the box ina quiet and safe place.

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