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  • Top Apps for Cats and the People Who Love Them

    Top Apps for Cats and the People Who Love Them - Modkat

    Does your cat stare curiously at you when you’re having screen time? Why not let her have a turn, too? Here’s a list of our favorite apps for cats and those who love them plus great tips for making your mobile device a cat-friendly apparatus.


    Apps for your cat.


    Friskies® JitterBug

    Created by Nestle Purina PetCare, JitterBug is a game designed with cats in mind. Kitty gets five 15-second rounds in which to catch as many bugs as possible. Using the advanced mode, you can control how many of each type of bug will appear. Think your cat could get addicted to this game? That’s okay. There’s an endless play option.


    Pocket Pond 2

    Have you always dreamed of having a koi pond but your house or apartment isn’t ideal? Now, there’s Pocket Pond 2. With this app, you can raise, feed, breed, play with, and sell thousands of different kinds of virtual koi. And since cats love fish, this app provides the best in feline entertainment. Instead of stalking the real fish in your tank, Kitty can get a kick out of the antics of these digital versions.


    Cat Playground

    Bundling the finest in cat digital gaming options, Cat Playground includes games like Catch a Mouse, Laser Chase, Whack a Mouse, and Go Fishing. Catch a Mouse and Go Fishing both incorporate satisfying sound effects like squeaks and splashes.


    Cat apps for you.


    Cat Training

    Hoping to train your cat in the fine art of riding in a cat carrier? Would you like to groom a peaceful cat? Want to know more about cat fitness? Download this informative app. It even gives tips for successfully introducing your animal to a cat flap.


    Weather Whiskers

    Will the forecast be purr-fect, or is wintery weather in your future? This app not only lets you know when to bring your raincoat and galoshes but it also includes fun images of kittens dressed for the weather. Accurate weather forecasts and adorable kittens—all you need to brighten your day.


    Pet First Aid – Red Cross

    Do you know what to do in case of a feline medical emergency or other catastrophe? Be prepared with this app’s helpful tips, which cover situations like smoke inhalation and poisoning. There's also a quick guide to CPR, offering step-by-step instructions including videos. For the truly prepared pet parents among us, there are even educational games and quizzes. Don’t forget to check out the list of toxic substances for cats.


    Tips for engaging your cat with a tablet or phone.

     1. Turn off the lights.

    Having trouble getting Felix interested in electronic play? Try turning off the lights. Nothing can tempt a cat quite like a lit up tablet or phone shining in a darkened room.


    2. Tablets are better than phones.

    The large screen of an iPad or tablet is more engaging and easier on the paws than the smaller phone screens. The flashing fish, mouse, or dot is more obvious, and the screen may be more responsive to a full size cat paw. Try giving your cat a large screen. See if it makes a difference in his interest level.


    3. Have patience.

    Does your cat not seem engaged right away? That’s okay. Put the electronic device aside and try again later. One good idea is to show your cat how to play. If she gets the concept from watching you, she might engage so energetically you’re forced to limit her screen time. After all, you need a chance to play, too.

    Thanks to the feline medical information available on the Red Cross app as well as the puzzle games for cats, your phone’s apps can play an important role in keeping your animals healthy and happy.

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”