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  • Premium cat company Modkat reduces 'pawprint' in climate fight efforts.

    Premium cat company Modkat reduces 'pawprint' in climate fight efforts. - Modkat

    Modkat is making it easier for cat owners to minimize their environmental impact.

    While many industries emphasize business environmental sustainability, cat parents are still given limited eco-friendly options for their furry friends. Necessities like litter boxes and liners are often single-use and still make a mess.

    Modkat, the premium cat company, is helping reduce cat-lovers’ impact on the environment one litter box at a time.

    A Focus on Sustainability From The Start

    For co-founders of Modkat Rich and Brett, there has always been a glaring lack of sustainability in the cat market. Especially when it comes to litter boxes and accessories.

    Without distinguished brands in this space, consumers purchase what’s convenient or readily available online and in stores. More often than not, this means inexpensive, flimsy plastic litter boxes and thin single-use plastic liners.

    These products, though convenient, are unattractive and not durable or practical enough for long-term use. These products are used for mere weeks before ending up in a landfill where synthetic materials can take hundreds of years to decompose.

    When creating Modkat, Rich and Brett knew things needed to be different. That’s why environmental sustainability has been baked into the Modkat model from the start.

    Modkat’s Climate Neutral Certification

    Modkat has always strived to have a carbon-neutral approach. After a lengthy but worthwhile process, Modkat became one of only 305 companies declared Climate Neutral Certified in 2020. 

    To earn this achievement, “All Climate Neutral Certified brands must meet climate neutrality standards for measuring, offsetting, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from making and delivering products and services.”

    Modkat reduces its carbon footprint, and by extension, that of its customers by:

    • Reducing packaging in its products
    • Mitigating last-mile delivery emissions by reducing single-item shipments
    • Investing in projects outside of Modkat’s value chain to compensate for all measured carbon emissions
    • Working to reduce plastic usage by using recycled plastic and recycled ocean plastic in Modkat products
    • Purchasing carbon offsets with a freight logistics company for every shipment made

    Being Climate Neutral Certified is a continuous process for Modkat. Each year, Modkat reviews its supply chain and finds better, more socially responsible ways to produce, package, and ship products. 

    Offsetting emissions is a major commitment to sustainable practices, but is not the only change Modkat has made to practice environmental sustainability in business.

    Learn more about Modkat’s environmental sustainability examples in business.

    Tried and True Manufacturers for Modkat Products

    Rich and Brett identified the manufacturing process as another opportunity for Modkat to improve their sustainability. Since the start, one of the first questions they ask Modkat manufacturers is ‘how can we utilize recycled materials in our products?'

    Modkat continuously collaborates with suppliers to incorporate the highest percentage of post-consumer plastic in the manufacturing of premium litter boxes. Tooling changes have also been made to create the most efficient, environmentally friendly manufacturing process possible.

    Sustainable development is not linear and requires flexibility and adaptability to move forward. Modkat’s trusted manufacturers are equally committed to evolving practices to support a sustainable business model.

    Modkat’s Holistic Approach to Sustainability

    Sustainability is an ongoing process, and Modkat treats it as such. Improving environmental sustainability in business requires continuous evaluations and changes to keep up with current trends and customer needs. 

    Modkat focuses on the sustainability of its products from the planning and production stages all the way through to packaging. Along with working closely with manufacturers to create sustainable products, reducing waste through conscious packaging is also a priority for Modkat.

    When customers purchase from Modkat, their order is packaged efficiently to use the most recycled materials and least amount of plastic. Brett and Rich have even thought about where the packaging ends up; their eco-friendly packaging can also be transformed into an interactive cat toy. Complete with an included ping pong ball, cats will have endless fun with something as simple as Modkat's packaging.

    Style + Sustainability

    At Modkat, style and sustainability go hand in hand. By incorporating sustainability into the Modkat business model from the beginning, Rich and Brett mastered the balance of creating environmentally friendly products that remain high-quality and beautiful.

    Every tooling change made to reduce Modkat’s carbon footprint never compromised the premium products. Meaning consumers never need to sacrifice style or quality for sustainability’s sake.

    Modkat’s mission to make the litter box experience more enjoyable for cats and their human parents alike is also founded on sustainability. The premium litter boxes look chic and effortlessly blend with home decor. And, of course, they’re made with 20-30% of recycled materials.

    This also extends to Modkat’s liners. Cleaning a cat’s litter box regularly is important for their well-being and keeping cat-parents’ homes looking and smelling fresh. Typical disposable liners are only used for mere days or a week before needing to be replaced. 

    Modkat reusable liners last about three months. They are sold in packs of three for more efficient, sustainable shipping. The liners are durable, easy to clean, and an all-around more eco-friendly option than traditional disposable liners.

    For Rich and Brett, sustainability is also about giving consumers choices. Modkat empowers customers to make better choices when it comes to keeping their cats comfortable. The seamless boxes can be used with the included reusable liners or without a liner at all. 

    Modkat’s Passion for Consumer Responsibility

    Why is environmental sustainability important in business? Because it creates a ripple effect that helps consumers live more sustainably as well.

    Every day consumers make choices with the products they purchase and how they’re delivered. However, environmentally-friendly options were never readily available for cat-lovers. With Modkat, pet parents can make conscious choices and investments that improve the quality of life for their pets and elevate their interior decor.

    Customer responsibility is something Brett lives by. He urges Modkat customers and consumers, in general, to take a step back in the purchasing process to make mindful decisions. Today, it’s easier than ever to make impulse purchases and quick decisions. But a fast purchase can sometimes result in mistakes.

    Before purchasing a Modkat product, consumers should consider their needs and those of their cat. From space requirements and litter box preferences to liner sizes, knowing the specifics before purchasing can reduce the need for returns and more carbon emissions.

    By some estimates, anywhere between 20-30% of all products purchased online are returned. Taking the time to be a conscious consumer can help reduce these numbers while still benefiting from the ease and convenience of online purchasing.

    Modkat is Creating Community Connections

    One of the benefits of environmental sustainability in business is the ability to positively affect the community. Returns are an inevitable part of operating a business, but few consumers think about what happens after they ship back their items.

    It’s suspected that about 6 billion pounds of returns end up in landfills every year. While it would be nice for returned items to recirculate on shelves or be sold at a discount, this isn’t often the case. For many retailers, it’s simply more cost-effective to trash returns.

    Many businesses offer free returns and exchanges. This is obviously beneficial for customers but has an increasingly negative impact on the environment. Beyond the trash problem, it also takes more carbon emissions to return items.

    Rather than contributing to this cycle, Modkat offers a unique approach to returns. Customers are able to donate returned litter boxes to local animal shelters or nonprofits while still receiving a refund. This helps the environment by keeping plastic out of landfills while also benefiting cat friends in need.

    Plus, this return practice encourages consumers to give back to their local community. By donating their Modkat return, they may be inspired to volunteer at their local animal shelter, regularly donate other necessities, or even meet a new feline friend. 

    Modkat: A Premium Cat Company With Heart

    Modkat is passionate about helping cats and pet parents live their best lives, and a part of that means looking out for future generations.

    That’s why Modkat integrates sustainable business practices into everything it does. From offsetting carbon emissions and using recycled materials to smart packaging and return options, cat lovers can now be empowered to make eco-friendly choices for their pets.

    And the journey doesn’t end here. Modkat is continuously reevaluating its processes to create more environmentally-friendly solutions. 

    Join Modkat on its mission to create modern, sustainable litter box solutions and accessories for our favorite ‘purry’ friends.

    “It looks nicer than any other hooded or open option we considered.”