Modkat’s Top 10 Cat-Friendly Colleges

September 29, 2017

Modkat’s Top 10 Cat-Friendly Colleges

The first time most of us went to college, our packing lists included things like a comfy new futon, a fresh set of sheets, and truckloads of packaged culinary delights. At some institutions, however, those checklists could also include cat carriers, bags of litter, and a Modkat.

What colleges and universities allow pets in dorms? More than you may think.Pets, it turns out, can help decrease stress and anxiety, make dorm life more pleasant, and generally contribute to human health and happiness.


These 10 trendsetting colleges welcome our favorites—cats!

  1. Stephens College - Billing itself “the most pet-friendly campus on the planet,” Stephens has welcomed cats, dogs, and other pets for more than 10 years. This all-women’s liberal arts college also teams up with a local no-kill shelter to help prepare animals for forever homes.
  2. University of Washington - One of the most established research universities on the West Coast, UW has opened select single-student and family apartments to pets and their humans. The Pacific Northwest’s legendary outdoors make UW a great place to study if you want to take along an adventure cat.
  3. University of Minnesota - At UMN, students don’t have to bring their own pet. Instead, the university’s PAWS (Pet Away Worry and Stress) program lets its campus community interact with registered therapy animals - including cats - as part of an overall effort to reduce stress among UMN’s student population.
  4. Eckerd College - Since 1973, pets have trotted, frisked, and slithered their way around Eckerd’s campus located along the Florida Gulf Coast. To attend Eckerd, cats must be at least six months old, have lived with the student’s family for at least three months before enrollment, and be spayed or neutered. Human students must meet additional admission requirements.
  5. Stetson University - Students living in one of two pet-friendly residence halls at Stetson can pack up their cat’s toys, treats, and litter box for the move to this school’s central Florida campus. Stetson students can also participate in a service animal training program.
  6. Johnson & Wales University - Are you and your cat looking for a career-oriented college in New England? Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI may be for you, provided that your cat is at least one year old and has been spayed or neutered.
  7. State University of New York at Canton - We felt a thrill of home state pride adding this one to the list. SUNY Canton recently upped their pet-friendly limits from 70 students to 140 thanks to demand from their vet tech majors. Plus, this school offerscat yoga options, making it one of the finer choices for cat lovers.
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - One of the world’s most prestigious institutions, MIT no longer admits only future STEM leaders. It now opens its hallowed doors to cats. That’s right, the school doesn’t permit dogs, ferrets, snakes, or other pets. Just cats. We knew those people were smart.
  9. High Point University - Prowling the internet for a cat-friendly liberal arts college located in a small town in the Appalachians? You’ve found it at High Point. The school’s North College Townhomes welcome dogs and cats as residents.
  10. Cal Tech - We saved the best for last. Cal Tech’s animal housing policy is so cat-friendly that feline lovers have rechristened the famous universityCat Tech. Outside of those in small aquariums, cats are the only animals permitted in Cal Tech’s seven pet-friendly houses, and each resident may keep up to two furry friends. Cat lovers with a penchant for the STEM fields and a high GPA may find their Nirvana on the West Coast at Cal Tech.

Colleges that love cats help students stay healthy and happy, especially at exam time. Has your cat attended an institution of higher education? Could you have pets in your college dorms? Tell us about it.

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