Is Your Cat Oversleeping?

June 03, 2017

Is Your Cat Oversleeping?

If you're concerned about your sleepy cat, don't worry. We put together a guide to understanding the differences between a healthy sleepy cat and a sick sleepy cat.


Why do cats sleep so much? 
The domestic house cat sleeps around fifteen hours a day. Some cats even go for a twenty-hour nap. Why so long?

Night owls
Cats are most active at night, specifically around twilight. Sunrise and sunset are ideal 'hunting' times for cats.While we humans are asleep, our furry friends are actively exploring our homes and getting into mischief.

Conserving energy
Cats are predators. They love to hunt and pounce on prey by night. Despite domestication, house cats still have that hardwired urge to hunt at night and conserve energy during the day. Hunting a bug or chasing a shadow in the night is a hardcore workout. Your cat needs a long nap to recover all that energy.

Weather can affect the sleeping habits of cats just as it does to humans. Cold or rainy days may trigger a cat’s urge to sleep.

Light sleepers
The sound of their ownerscleaning a room on the other side of the house or briefest flash of a passing car light can wake a cat. Even though your furry friend is safe, it's difficult to turn off those defense instincts when she’s vulnerable and asleep. This is especially true if you ownmore than one cat, even if they get along well. 


Is my sleepy cat oversleeping?

Casual oversleeping is typically not a problem for house cats. Unless your cat is behaving oddly or appears sick, oversleeping is probably just a response to recent activity or weather.

Sleeping too much, however, could also be due to a lack of stimulation. If you had absolutely nothing to do, wouldn't you opt for a nap?

If your cat is sleeping more than usual and seems to be putting on weight, it may be time to look for a remedy. Cat depression and diabetes are real and are often caused by a lonely, fun-free environment.


How to help a bored, sleepy cat exercise.

Is your cat oversleeping out of boredom? Schedule a daily playtime with your cat to help facilitate bonding while giving them much-needed exercise. Outside of one-on-one playtime, there are other ways to exercise your cat:

Get a second cat
Consider this decision carefully. For the right cat in the right household, however, a second cat could be a great way to keep both animals stimulated and healthy.

Invest in toys
For those times that you’re asleep or away, toys designed for a cat’s entertainment can keep the solo fun going for hours.

Opt for the laser pointer
To tire out your cat, look no further than the laser pointer. This classic cat toy can turn even the laziest old cat into a bonafide predator. Be mindful not to point the laser directly in your cat's eyes. Point at one of their toys instead so they have something to "catch.” It makes the game more satisfying.

Clear off some high spaces
Could your cat be bored because their whole line of sight is near the ground? Cats love to climb and jump. Clear the top of a stable bookcase and line it with a soft blanket to provide your cat with much-appreciated heights.

Try some catnip
The active chemical in organic catnip stimulates feline pheromones. While eating the substance will mellow your cat out and help them sleep, letting them sniff catnip will rile them up. This is a great remedy for cats that have a hard time getting energized and ready to play.


Options abound to keep cats occupied and having fun while awake. Remember that cats sleep twice as much as humans do, but keep an eye out for behavior changes that may signal illness. With an alert owner, your cat should be a joyful companion for years to come.

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