Is your cat a sprayer or does he just have bad aim?

June 02, 2019 2 min read

Is your cat a sprayer or does he just have bad aim?

If you’re seeing urine on the wall or on the floor beside the litter box, you may be dealing with a cat who is spraying or one who is just a messy Marvin when he does his business.

To determine which category your cat falls under, you’ll need to put on your investigator's hat and commence to spying. Once you figure out how your cat is missing his target, you’ll better know how to help him hit his mark.

Inappropriate urination may occur because your cat is stressed or has a physical disorder or a urinary tract infection. If you’re certain there is no underlying medical issue and it’s not happening because of litter box aversion, it could be that your cat is spraying to mark its territory or is simply a high pee-er. Either way, the best solution is a litter box that accommodates cats with poor aim or cats who tend to spray when messing in the litter.

A cat who sprays will back itself up against a wall or a vertical object, raise its tail—sometimes twitching it in the process—and spray urine. With normal urination, a cat will squat to pee. Their posture while urinating will reveal whether your cat is a sprayer or just a high or side pee-er.

To keep messy cats in check, consider changing the style of litter box you’re using. One with tall sides, an enclosed base and a roomy interior would be ideal. At Modkat, we offer the Modkat Litter Box that checks all those must-haves. If you have a feline who needs more leg room, we also offer the Modkat XL that features the option of a front or top entry.

If you opt for a covered litter box and you have a side or high pee-er, you’ll need to be diligent about scooping daily and cleaning the box often, especially the interior sides of the box where urine might dry and emit an odor.

Shoot for washing the box once a week, using dish soap with warm water or vinegar and water. Avoid traditional bleach since it can interact with the ammonia in cat urine.

Every cat is unique and special. The way they eliminate can even set them apart from your other kitties if you’re a cat caretaker of multiples. Respect their uniqueness, but at the same time don’t be afraid to try out a new litter box to help keep your messy Marvin’s bathroom behavior manageable. 🐈

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