Eco-Friendly Cat Toys

September 25, 2017

Eco-Friendly Cat Toys

Did you know there are plenty of ways to go green with your cat? You can buy pet food in bulk to reduce the packaging that ends up in the landfill or use bamboo litter, a biodegradable and renewable resource, to cut down on strip mining necessary to produce clay litter.

Your cat’s toys offer opportunities to care for the earth, too. Consider these options:



Choose all-natural, organic products.

Toys crafted out of natural or organic products minimize their environmental impact. A growing commitment to going green has sparked a host of new toys made with hemp, wool, or cotton your cat (and the earth) can love.

One socially conscious company calledHonest Pet Products is weaving together a system that employs nomadic Mongolian women to craft cat toys out of sheep’s wool using traditional artisan skills. In return, the Mongolian nomads agree to protect endangered snow leopards.

You and your cat can empower Mongolian women and save endangered animals at the same time. Pretty cool, huh?

Honest Pet Products does more great work by employing people with cognitive and emotional disabilities to make hemp toys. We love this idea.

A quick Google search can give you ideas for natural cat toys your cat may go bonkers overlike aloofah mouse. Check out Catster’s list of12 awesome, eco-friendly cat toys for more suggestions.



DIY your cat’s toys.

Would your kitty enjoy a felt mouse toy? We think this would be a fun project for older kids on a rainy day. One of our favorite YouTubers is Cats & Pats. Check out their ideas for restyling those Amazon boxes stacked in the closet into awesome cat toys. If you’re a serious DIYer with plenty of tools, you may also love making a cat tree out of recycled materials.

Creating your own cat toys can save you big bucks as well as let you select upcycled textiles, recycle your own stuff, and pick natural fibers for your construction materials.

Happy, healthy cats need quality entertainment. Help out Mother Earth by choosing eco-friendly playthings.

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